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No. Measuring is getting an exact length. Estimating is guessing what the length is

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Q: Is measuring the same as estimating?
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What is the name for fractions that are commonly used for comparing measuring and estimating?

benchmark fractions

Is estimating the same as rounding off and why?

No, it is not. Estimating may be rounding but need not be.

What are the basic SI units of measure?

For measuring distance, meter is used. For measuring mass, kilogram is used. For estimating time, second is used.

How are estimating and rounding the same?

They are not.

How are tracer elements used in a variety of ways?

They can be used in estimating the age of an object by measuring its half lifes.

Why is using a thermometer or a measuring cup both scientific then estimating temperature or volume?

Because it is more accurate.

What is the method of estimating population size involves measuring every member of a species within a small areas?


Article on cost estimating?

An article on cost estimating in the building construction field, admittedly from an out dated source although the principles are still the same, is at

What skills will you learn at carpentry?

You learn how to cut safely and accurately, you learn how to hammer properly, you learn effective ways of estimating and measuring.

What is the name of the method of estimating the ages of archaeological specimens of biological origin by measuring the radioactive carbon present in that specimen?

Carbon Dating.

How is estimating quotients different from estimating products?

Normally when estimating quotients you should round both numbers in the same direction whereas for products you should round the two numbers in opposite directions.

How many people share the same birthday on average in the world?

estimating about 5000