Article on cost estimating

Updated: 4/28/2022
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An article on cost estimating in the building construction field, admittedly from an out dated source although the principles are still the same, is at

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Q: Article on cost estimating
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Where can construction cost estimating software be bought?

You can buy construction cost estimating software on eBay. Construction Book Express also has many different types of construction cost estimating software to buy.

What is the relationship between the contractor's cost estimating and cost accounting systems?

An accurate cost accounting system is the basic building block for a good cost estimating system.

What is the most prevelant model for estimating the cost of equity?

The capital asset pricing model (CAPM) is the dominant model for estimating the cost of equity.

What is cost estimating cost benefit analysis in project management?


Which construction companies offer cost estimating?

Construction companies do not offer cost estimating as a service. However, they do cost estimates of their projects using one of the software applications available for purchase.

What would I use cost estimating software for?

Cost estimating software is used for engineering purpose. It helps them run things at a certain price then ten different prices.

What are some good construction estimating services?

There are different types of construction estimating services such as concrete estimating, metals estimating, masonry estimating, sitework estimating, opening estimating, electrical estimating, MEP estimating. WorldEstimating is one of the best construction estimating company which is offering accurate cost estimation and material takeoff in all over the world.

In what country is the CAPM model most popular for estimating the cost of equity?


Do insurance companies use property cost estimating software?

Insurance companies usually use the property tax value when estimating a propertys value. Insurance estimating software will help them in the even of a loss to estimate the replacement costs.

Estimating Software?

Estimating Software Can Save Time And Money Businesses predicated upon project work find estimating software a valuable time saver. Estimating software is available as part of regular modules within most accounting software such as Peachtree or Quickbooks. In departments where estimating is the chief responsibility it may be necessary to consider installing estimating software to hasten the pre-project cost analyses as well as costs for time, labor and parts. Small businesses as well as large operations where accounting transactions occur frequently benefit from estimating software. It’s infinitely easier to assess costs of various parts for mechanical inventories and mechanical installation projects with the use of estimating software. Examples Of How Estimating Software Works One example of how estimating software is a necessity is in engineering projects. Most engineering projects begin with estimating the cost of design, installation, equipment, parts, labor and time. This is done by estimators whose duty it is to research all of these costs, create a template in an estimating software environment and produce a estimated report of the total cost of the project. Another example of estimating software use is in small laboratories where testing is done. In these cases estimating software track costs of chemicals for testing, labor and time as well as tabulate the impact on overhead. The Final Stages of Good Estimating Software In its most useful final stage in the estimating process, estimating software has one other significant value: cost comparisons from one project or transaction to that of others. In instances where projects or business transactions are similar, estimating software tracks increases or reduction in costs that make it easier to identify budgetary impact. In large engineering projects, estimating is essential to maintain true cost of parts and labor from one project to the next. It just makes good sense to evaluate the need for estimating software as it pertains to the specifics of each business. For new businesses, estimating software is crucial to defining project costs vs. actual costs. Estimating Software And Internal Cost Accounting Internal cost accounting requires a tracking of estimated costs for projects or regular transactions of business to produce a clear representation of profit and loss.

The process of forecasting or approximating the time and cost of completing project deliverables is called?


Where could one get advice on construction cost estimating?

A person can get advice on construction cost estimating by consulting with multiple local contractors in their area. Each contractor can give a person a different cost estimate for a certain construction job. A person can then find more information at the Home Depot or Lowe's.