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Q: Is more than subtracting or adding?
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How many more is subtracting or adding?


Adding and subtracting facts?

when u are subtracting the number it is always going to be lower than the problem.

Why do you estimate when adding or subtracting decimal numbers?

In more than 40 years as a mathematician, I have never needed to do so.

What is the Rule about significant figures when adding or subtracting measurements?

The rule for significant figures is that when adding, subtracting, dividing, or applying any mathematical treatment, one cannot calculate a result that has more significant digits than that of the input with the least number of significant digits. This is because any result cannot be more accurate than the least accurate input.

How are adding and subtracting fractions similar?

Subtracting a fraction is the same as adding its negative.

What did you learn from adding and subtracting fractions?

I learned to always change the denominators before adding or subtracting the numerators. You must always have a common denominator before adding or subtracting.

What in math?

math is adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, angles and more

What is the definition of adding and subtracting integers?

adding and subtracting integers is when you add and minus 2 numbers

What is the definition of adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators?

What is the definition of Adding and Subtracting Like Fractions

Is sum adding or subtracting?


What is the rules for algeraba for subtracting negatives?

Subtracting a negative is the same as adding the equivalent positive. For example, subtracting minus 10 is the same as adding 10.

What are the operation of polynomials?

Adding and subtracting polynomials is simply the adding and subtracting of their like terms.

Do you need a common denominator when adding subtracting multiplying or dividing?

only when adding and subtracting

Why you should know to get the LCM of two or more numbers?

It will help when you are adding and subtracting fractions.

What algorithms are there for adding and subtracting integers?

there are no algorithms for subtracting algorithms!!!

Who invented adding and subtracting fractions?


Which results in a more highly valued atom adding or subtracting a proton from a gold nucleus?

Subtracting a proton from a gold nucleus makes the atom a platinum atom.

The reverse of subtracting 7 is?

Adding 7

Is the word how much more adding subtracting multiplying or dividing?

The correct answer is subtracting. The differnce between the 2 numbers which you are subtracting would be how much of an object. Example: Mary has 10 pears and 30 apples. How many more apples does she have than pears? Answer: 20, because 30-10=20. Therfore, 20 is HOW MUCH MORE apples there are to pears.

What is it called when you are determining if a fraction is greater than less than or equal to?

adding and subtracting fractions is what it means. also it is definitions

What would happen if you didn't line up the decimal point will adding and subtracting?

You are more likely to make a mistake.

Why is multiply and divide fractions is important?

because it is easier than adding and subtracting so many times??

How are adding fractions different?

When adding or subtracting fractions their denominators must be the same

When do you need to find the least common multiple for two or more numbers?

When you are adding or subtracting unlike fractions.

Which results in a more valuable product -- adding or substracting protons from gold nuclei?

adding and subtracting protons from a gold atom would no longer make it gold.