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Yes. Multiplication of any real numbers has the associative property: (a x b) x c = a x (b x c)

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Q: Is multiplication a whole numbers associative operation?
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Is multiplication of whole numbers associative?


Is multiplication of a whole number associative?

Yes. Multiplication of integers, of rational numbers, of real numbers, and even of complex numbers, is both commutative and associative.

What operation are whole numbers closed under?

l think multiplication

Division of whole numbers is associative?

No it is not an associative property.

Are Division of whole numbers associative?


Is the division of whole numbers is associative?


Substraction of whole numbers is associative?

No, and the word is subtraction, not substraction!

What is the Product of two whole numbers?

The product of two whole numbers depends on what the numbers are. The operation is multiplication.11 and 8. You find the factors of 88 first. Then find which 2 will subtract to equal 3

Is the set of whole numbers with 31 removed closed under the operation of multiplication?

No. Since -1 x -31 (= 31) would not be in the set.

Are whole numbers closed for multiplication?


What is the similarities between multiplication and division?

You are working with numbers. One is a whole number and the other is a fraction of a whole number (with a decimal point, etc). You apply the same principles of subtracting one number from another or a fraction of one number from a fraction of another. Numbers is numbers!

Is the set of whole numbers are closed under multiplication?

If you can never, by multiplying two whole numbers, get anything but another whole number back as your answer, then, YES, the set of whole numbers must be closed under multiplication.