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No, and nor is negative 5 pi.

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Q: Is negative 5 pie a rational number?
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Related questions

Is -5 a non-negative rational number?

No, -5 is a negative, rational number.

Is the number negative 5 rational or irrational?

the answer is rational.

Is negative 5 is rational number?


Is -5 an integer and an rational number?

-5 is an integer and a rational number. Integers can be positive or negative. Rational numbers can be expressed as a fraction of integers.

Is negative 5 6ths irrational?

-5/6 is a rational number expressed as a fraction

What is a non-negative rational number?

A rational number is any number that is not irrational - that is, it can be designated with numbers (2, -5, 0, 1/3, 0.14, etc.) A non-negative rational number number is exactly what it sounds like. It's any rational number that is not negative.

What kind of number is -5?

It is a negative integer. It is a rational number, a real number.

Is negative 9 and 5 sevenths rational?

Any number you can completely write with digits is rational. A rational number is any number that can be written as the ratio of integers. Negative 9 and 5 sevenths is the ratio of -68 to 7 .

Is negative 2 over 5 a rational number?


Is a negative number rational or irrational?

Negative has nothing to do with the property of being rational or not. A negative number might be rational or irrational. Rational numbers are ones that can be written as fractions such as 1/5. The number -1/5 is also rational. Ones that cannot be written as fractions are irrational such as the square root of 2, but the negative square root of two is also irrational.

Is negative 3 and 4 over 5 a rational number?


Is negative 5 over 7 a rational?

Yes, -5/7 is a rational number because it can be expressed as a fraction.

Is negative 5 a rational number or an integer or a whole number?

Yes to all three.

Is negative 5 over 6 a rational number?

Yes. It can be expressed as the ratio of -5 to 6.

Why is negative five a rational number?

Any integer is a rational number. For example, you can write -5 as -5/1, in other words, a fraction with integers in the numerator and the denominator.

Is negative 5 rational?


Why is the sum of a rational number and its opposite always equal 0?

Think of a numberline, Travle 5 sides to the negative side, and than 5 steps back , this is negative 5 and positive 5. This appplies for all rational numbers

Is negative zero point two a rational or irrational number?

-0.2 is another way of saying -1/5. It's rational.

Why is -5 a rational number?

it can be expressed as a fraction

Is neagtive 5 a rational number?

Yes, -5 is a rational number

Is -5 a rational or irrational number?

-5 is rational

Is -5 a rational number?

Yes.-5 is a rational number. It's the ratio of 5 to -1 .

Is 5 and one half a rational number?

5 = 5/1 is a rational number

Is the quotient of 5 and -30 an integer or a rational number?

The quotient of 5 and negative 30 is both. Rational numbers and integers include many of the same numbers. Integers are positive and negative counting numbers, but rational numbers include nonrepeating decimals and fractions.

What Is a Rational number when multipled by 5?

It is another rational number.