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No. 1 is greater because it's above 0.

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Q: Is negative 9 greater then positive 1?
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Does negative 9 plus positive 1 equal positive 8?

No, the integers with the greater absolute value (-9 is 9 and 1 is 1) has its sign. You're right about the eight but it's negative.

What is positive 9 divided by negative 9?


When is the sum of a positive integer and a negative integer positvie?

The sum of a positive integer and a negative integer is positive when the positive integer is greater. For example: 9 + (-5) = 4 In this case, the positive integer 9 is greater than the negative integer 5. Therefore, the sum is positive.

What is negitve plus positive equals?

When adding a negative to a positive, the answer is positive if the positive is greater, and negative if the negative is greater. In other words, subtract the smaller from the larger and take the sign of the larger. Example: -7 + 9 = +2 Example: -9 + 7 = -2

Can you get a greatest common factor for negative numbers?

Sure. But since negative numbers have positive factors and positive numbers are greater than negative numbers, the answer will be the same regardless of the sign. The GCF of 4 and 9, -4 and 9, 4 and -9 and -4 and -9 is 1.

What are the rules in adding and subtracting integer?

Rule: Positive + Positive = Positive 12+12=24 Positive - Positive = Positive or Negative 12-6=6 | 12-13=(-1) Positive + Negative = Greater numbers sign in the answer 14+(-18)=(-4) | 18+(-14)=4 Positive - Negative = Positive 8-(-8)=16 Negative + Negative = Negative -12+(-12)=(-24) Negative - Negative = Positive or Negative (-8)-(-9)=1 | (-8)-(-7)=(-1) by, Patrick Macarilay AKA, macason

How do you know when the sum of a positive integer will be negative?

The sum of two positive numbers is positive. The sum of two negative numbers is negative. The sum of a positive and negative number will depend on which number has a greater absolute value. 5 + (-4) = 1 5 + (-9) = -4

Sum of a positive and a negative integer is positive?

Not necessarily. It depends on which number has a greater absolute value. 5 + (-4) = 1 5 + (-9) = -4

What is positive 9 minus negative 1?

It is: 9--1 = 10.

What is negative 9 minus positive 1?

it is -8 because you are putting a positive into a negative number

Maths what does positive mean?

In maths there are positive and negative numbers. Positive numbers are all numbers that are greater than 0. e.g. 1, 9, 234, 0.123 Negative numbers are identified by a negative sign e.g. -2, -100, -2.75

Is -0.45 greater or less than 9 over 20?

-0.45 is a negative number. 9/20 = 0.45 which is a positive number. Positive numbers are always greater than negative numbers, so -0.45 is less than 9/20.

How do you find gcf of negative number?

By treating it as a positive number. Since negative numbers include the factors of their positive counterparts and all positive numbers are greater than all negative numbers, the GCF will always be positive. The GCFs of (3, 9), (3, -9), (-3, 9) and (-3, -9) are all the same: positive 3.

Does a negative number plus a positive number equal a positive or negative number?

If the negative number is bigger it's negative, otherwise positive I am not positive but the answer above maybe incorrect. If you think about absolute value any numbers you add must make a positive. Yes, depending on which number has the greater number. Example -8 plus 9 equals 1. You'll take the positive number sign because 9 is greater than 8. Another example 5 plus -19 the answer is -14 because 19 is greater than 5

Is 9 bigger than -9?


A positive plus a negative equals?

5+(-2)=34+(-5)=-1As you see, a positive plus a negative can be either a negative or a positive. In order to figure out, the sign with the larger absolute value will be the outcome. For example, the outcome of 9+(-1) will be a positive number because the absolute value of 9 is greater than of -1. The answer will be 8, a positive number.See the below link for information on absolute value!

Is negative twenty seven greater than negative 9?

No, -9 is greater

Which is greater negative 16 or negative 9?

negative 9

Which is greater 5 or -4?


What is a negative integer plus a positive?

It could be either positive or negative, depending on which integer has a greater absolute value. 5 + (-3) = 2 5 + (-9) = -4

What is positive 1 plus negative 10 equal?

1 plus negative 10 is equal to -9.

What is greater 10 or negative 9?

10>-9 (ten is greater than negative nine)

How do you know which number is greater when one is positive and one negative?

You would figure out which number is bigger when there is a positive and a negitive number buy looking for the positive number. For example, when it says Which one is greater -9 or 9 you would chose +9 because -9 is below zero and +9 is above zero.

A negative minus a positive?

a negative minus a positive is a negative ex: -12-13=-25 -9-2=-11 -100-1=-101

What is negative 9 minus positive 9?

Negative 18.