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Q: Is negative 9 less than 9?
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Related questions

Is negative 9 is less than negative 12?

No. Negative 12 is less.

Is negative 9 less than or grader than negative 11?

It is greater

Is negative 3 over 9 greater than less than or equal to 1 over 200?

Negative 3 over 9 is less than 1 over 200 because it is a negative number, and negatives are always less than positives.

Is negative 5more or less than negative 9?


Is negative 9 less than 5?


Is -0.45 greater or less than 9 over 20?

-0.45 is a negative number. 9/20 = 0.45 which is a positive number. Positive numbers are always greater than negative numbers, so -0.45 is less than 9/20.

Any non- negative numeral less than ten?


Why is negative three fourths less than negative one fourth?

In our system, numbers that are to the left of other numbers on a number line are considered to be less than those other numbers. 8 is less than 9, 5 is less than 7, and so on. That extends into negative territory. Since -3/4 is located to the left of -1/4, it is less.

What is 5 less than negative 4 equal... negative 9?

Correct!Good work.

Five less than twice what negative number squared is 157?


Is -9 greater than 8?

No because -9 is negative so it's less than zero, whereas 8 is greater than zero.

Is negative 163 greater than or less than negative 5.30?

Negative 163 is less than negative 5.30 is.

Is negative seven greater than or less than negative eleven?

Less than negative 11

Is negative 5 greater to or less than negative 4?

Negative 5 is less than negative 4.

What number is 11 less than 9?

-2 (negative 2)11 less than 9:= 9 - 11= -2

What number is 2 below -6?

your answer is -8 remember when you are counting negative numbers the more negative the number is the less that actual value is... Ex. Negative 5million is less than Negative 1 Negative 11 is greater than Negative 5hundred trillion Negative 9 is greater than Negative 10

What temperature is 9 degrees less than 1 degrees celsius?

negative 8

Is negative 8 less than or equal to negative four?

less than

Is negative 21 greater or less than negative 6?

less than

Is negative 40 greater than or less than negative 3?

It is less than -3.

How do you know if its a negative or a positive number?

negative numbers are numbers less than zero. negative numbers have a negative sign in front of them EX: -9 negative nine positive numbers are anything more than zero. EX: 9 positive nine

What is less than negative 4?

-5, -6, -7, -8, -9, -10, etc.

What are number less than negative 7?

They are: -8 -9 -10 -11 -12 .... etc

Which has the least value -3-12?


What is 8 less than 5?

8 Less Than 58 less than 5 is negative 3 (-3).