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Q: Is negative eight greater than negative two?
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Is negative 8 greater than negative 2?

No, negative eight is less than negative two.

Is negative six greater than negative two?


Is negative 5 greater than two?


Is negative one third greater than negative two ninths?


Is negative two thirds greater than negative one sixth?

Negative two thirds is smaller than negative one sixth. To have more of a negative is to have less.

Is zero greater than negative two?


Is two fifths greater than eight ninths?

No. Two Fifths = 0.4 Eight Ninths = 0.8889

Is one fifth greater than negative two fifths?


What is the absolute value of negative five is greater than two?


Is -3 degrees greater than -2 degrees?

No, negative three is smaller than negative two.

When will the quotient of two fractions less than 1 be greater than either fraction?

Yes. Consider two negative fractions. Since they are negative, both are less than 1. But their product is positive and so greater than either.

When is the product of two negative real numbers always greater than zero?

Whenever you multiply two negative real numbers.

Is negative two greater than positive three?

no, it is five less than positive three.

Is two or Negative eight bigger?

2 is bigger than -8

Is 8.5 greater than negative 10 to the power of 3?

Please consider the following two facts: A negative number to an even power is positive; but a negative number to an odd power is negative. Any positive number is greater than any negative number.

How do you get a negative answer when subtracting two positive numbers?

Have the second number be greater than the first.

Is positive five greater than negative five?

Yes. Write the number line horizontally with the negative numbers to the left, zero in the middle and positive numbers to the right, then the further right a number is, the greater it is; so with two numbers the number further right on the line is the greater of the two: Positive five is to the right of negative five, therefore it is greater than negative five, ie +5 > -5

What is a z- score considered to be if it is less than negative two or greater than two?

The z score is -2 or +2!

Is -34 greater than -29?


The sum of two numbers is greater than either number?

The sum of two numbers will almost always be greater than either number. The only exception would be when dealing with two negative numbers.

The sum of two numbers is always greater than either of the two numbers?

Not true if either of the numbers is negative.

What is six plus negative eight?

six plus negative eight is two

Is negative 0.86 greater than negative1.25?

Answer: Yes When comparing two negative numbers, take the absolute value of each. Whichever absolute value is less is the greater of the two original numbers. ...OR If you look at them both on a number line, whichever is on the right of the other is the greater of the two.

Is two thirds greater than or less than eleven over eight teen?

Well, 2/3 is 12/18 which is greater than 11/18.

What is negative eight divided by two and two thirds?

negative 3