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Negative seven is greater than negative seventy.

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Is 78 greater than 97?

No. Seventy-eight is less than Ninety-Seven

Is 73 bigger or less than 7.4?

73 (seventy three) is greater than 7.4 (seven point four).

Is negative 5 greater to or less than negative 4?

Negative 5 is less than negative 4.

Is negative 6 less or greater than negative 8?

Negative 6 is greater than negative 8 because -8 is 8 less then 0 and -6 is only 6 less then zero..

Why negative a is greater than zero?

Negative a is greater than, equal to or less than 0 depending on whether a, itself, is less than, equal to or greater than 0.

Is negative 8 greater or less than negative 5?

Negative 5 is three units greater than negative 8.

Is negative 163 greater than or less than negative 5.30?

Negative 163 is less than negative 5.30 is.

Is a negative number greater or less than 0?

A negative number is less than zero.

Is negative four greater thsn negative eighteen?

Yes. If one number is less than another, then the negative of the first is greater than the negative of the second. 4 is less than 18 so -4 is greater than -18

Is negative eight greater than fourteen?

no, negative eight is less than positive 14. negative eight is greater than negative 14

Which is greater or less than negative 32 23?

Any other number is "greater or less than" it.

Is negative 3 greater then or less then 2?

No, because if something is negative mean that it's less than

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