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-3/4 = -0.75

-0.6 > -0.75

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Q: Is negative zero point six greater or higher then negative three fourths?
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Which is higher the greater decimal point 19.955 or 19.963?

19.963 is greater.

When is a residual negative?

The residual for a particular point in a regression is negative if the estimated or fitted value at that point is greater than the observed value.

Which is the smaller number negative one fourth or negative one point five?

one-fourth = 0.25 So, negative one-fourth = -0.25 Negative 1.5 = -1.5 -0.25 is greater than -1.5

What should be the freezing point of water if its boiling point is greater than a 100 degrees?

Water boils at a temperature greater than 100 oC if the pressure is higher than atmospheric pressure but this has no effect on melting point.

What is three fourths of 6 point 8?


Which has a higher melting point LiF or MgF2?

MgF2 is higher that LiF do to the greater bond strength in MgF2. This greater strength is indicated by the charge of Mg (+3) which is higher than the +2 charge of Li. Also the MgF2 is larger in mass.

Is 135.5 greater than 135.05?

Yes it is. The digit directly to the right of the decimal point is higher (a 5 compared to a 0), so 135.5 is greater.

What number is greater 14.0017 or 14.2?

14.2 because the number closest to the decimal point is always higher.

Where is the air pressure greater-at sea level or on a mountaintop?

Air pressure is Greater at sea level.Atmospheric pressure is higher at sea level. There is more atmosphere on top of the observer at that point, so the pressure is higher.

Why is the boiling point of water high compared to hydrogen chloride?

Water and hydrogen chloride are both polar compounds (which is to say, the molecule has both positive and negative poles) but water is more polar than hydrogen chloride. Oxygen has a higher electronegativity than chlorine does, and consequently, there is a greater difference in electronegativity between oxygen and hydrogen than there is between chlorine and hydrogen. Consequently, there is a greater concentration of electrons at the oxygen atom than at the chlorine atom in these two molecules. Polarity then leads to attraction between molecules (which align themselves so that negative poles can attract positive poles) and greater attraction between molecules will result in a higher boiling point.

Why is the bioling point of hexane greater than that of pentane?

Higher molecular weight, so needs more kinetic energy (higher temperature) to enter the gaseous phase.

What is the absolute value of negative nine fourths?

The absolute value of a negative number is the corresponding positive number. In other words, just take the "minus" away.Imagine a ruler which has zero (0) in the middle like this:|-5|-4|-3|-2|-1|0|+1|+2|+3|+4|+5|The absolute value means the distance between our observed point and the middle point.If we would have taken the absolute value of -4, we would quickly see that -4 is at the same distance away from the middle point as +4. Thus |-4| = 4.The absolute value of negative nine fourths would therefore be equal to nine fourths (positive):|-9/4| = 9/4