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No it is not.

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Q: Is nine tenths greater or ten elevenths?
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Which number would be to the right of 7 and nine tenths on a number line is it 7 and ten twelfths or 7 and seven eighths or 7 and twenty-five thirtieths or 7 and ten elevenths?

Seven and ten elevenths.

Is one half greater then nine tenths?

Nine tenths is greater than one half. If you have a pie and you took half of it away you would have another half of a pie left. If you took nine tenths of a pie away then you would be left with a tiny sliver. Another way to solve it is to make the denominator into ten so if you made one half into tenths it would be five tenths and everyone knows nine is greater than five.

What placement is greater the tenths or ten-thousandths?


What is ten elevenths?

Ten elevenths as a fraction is 10/11

Is ten elevenths greater than eleven twelfths?

11/12 is greater than 10/11

What is ten elevenths minus eight elevenths?

two elevenths

What is ten thousand one hundred forty and nine tenths?

Ten thousand one hundred forty and nine tenths is 10140.9

What is nine tenths?

Nine tenths is 90%, that is, nine units of a whole item which consists of ten units in total.

What is a fraction greater than nine out of ten or nine tenths?

10 out of10 19 out of 20 39 fortieths

How is a decimal different from a fraction?

A decimal shows numbers in tenths, hundredths, and other powers of ten. A fraction can be shown in other ways such as elevenths and fifteenths as well as tenths and hundredths.

What is eleven subtract seven-elevenths?

Ten and four elevenths.

What is nine and five tenths plus three and two fifths?

twelve and nine tenths/one hundred and twenty nine over ten/12.9

What is eight and nine tenths of ten dollars?


How do you write ten four tenths and nine hundredths?

ten = 10 four tenths = 0.4 nine hundredths = .09 altogether they are 10.49

Ten thousand one hundred fortytwo and nine tenths?


What is twenty-nine tenths divided by ten thirds?


What is three elevenths minus ten elevenths?

Three of anything minus ten of the same thing leaves negative seven of them.

How do you write 10.9 using words?

That would be ten, point nine or ten and nine tenths.

How do you write the word nine ten thousandths as a decimal?

0.9 = nine tenths 0.09 = nine hundredths 0.009 = nine thousandths 0.0009 = nine ten thousandths

What is ten thousand one hundred forty-two and nine tenths?


Is two tenths greater than four tenths?

No. Four tenths is greater than two tenths because it's part of a whole. The whole is 10. You would want four slices of a ten piece pizza rather than two slices.

How do you write ten thousand one hundred forty-two and nine tenths?

It is 10,142.9

Is four ninths greater then seven tenths?

In order to solve this, you must first make the denominators equivalent. the lowest common denominator of thes two s ninety. multiply 4/9 ny ten to get 40/90, and multiply 7/10 by nine to get 63/10. you can now see that seven tenths is greater.

What is ten thousand one hundred forty two and nine tenths in standard form?


What is ten thousand one hundred forty-two and nine tenths in standard notation?


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