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No, nine thirds is just three so three and one third is one third larger than nine thirds

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Q: Is nine thirds greater than three and one third?
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Which is greater 0.6 or two thirds?

two thirds is greater because 0.6=three fifths so three fifths and two thirds could be simplified into nine fifteenths and two thirds could be simplified into ten fifteenths so ten is greater than nine so it is two thirds.

What is ten thirds of nine?

one third of nine is three, therefore:-ten thirds of nine = three times ten which is thirty.

What is nine thirds in the simplest form?

Nine thirds is three

How many thirds in three?


Is two thirds greater that nine twelfths?

no, two thirds = eight twelfths, so nine twelfths is bigger.

Which is greater one third or nine tenths?

Nine tenths is greater than one third.

What is nine minus one third?

Eight and two thirds

What is three third of nine?


Is two thirds greater than two ninths?

yes,becauseit means two parts of three but the other means two parts of nine

How many thirds are in three oranges?

three thirds per orange, so multiply three times three, so nine.

Is three eights greater than two thirds?

No. Two thirds (2/3) is larger than three eights (3/8). The lowest common multiple (LCM) of the two denominators is 24. Therefore, two thirds can become sixteem twentyforths (16/24) and three eights nine twentyforths (9/24)

What is nine and two thirds minus three and three eights?


What is nine thirds as a decimal?

It cant be written as a decimal apart from 3.0 which is a whole number. The fraction is basically saying that there are 9 thirds which equals three. Three thirds equals one because three thirds equals a whole.

How many thirds are in 9?

I believe that there are three thirds in nine.

What is nine thirds minus three fifths?

2 2/5

How many thirds are in -23?

in the number minus twenty three there are minus sixty nine thirds. In the number 2/3 there are two thirds.

What is greater two thirds or nine twelfths?

2/3 is equal to 8/12 So 9/12 is greater

Is one third greater than nine tenths?


What is one third of nine?


How many thirds in three wholes?

Nine of them because 9/3 = 3

How many thirds are there in nine?

Three thirds make one so that means that there is 27 thirds in 9, because you multiply 3 times (x) 9 equals (=) 27.

What is nine and four fifths plus three and two thirds?

13 and 7/15

What is the answer to nine and two thirds minus seven and three fifths?

Two and one fifteenth.

What is the simplified answer of nine and three ninths as a mixed number?

nine and one-third.

Is three fourths greater than or less than nine sixteenths?

Greater than

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