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less than one

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Q: Is ninety five hundredths less than one or greater than one?
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Related questions

What is greater five fifths or ninety nine one hundredths?

5/5 = 1 and 99/100 is less than 1. So five fifths must be bigger.

Is fourteen twenty-fourths greater or less than twenty-five hundredths?


Is .75 greater than 1?

.75< 1 .75 is less than 1 seventy five hundredths is less than one

Is 0.2197 greater than or less than three- hundredths?

Much greater.

Is 7.6 greater or less than 7.56?

greater seven and sixty hundredths is greater than seven and fifty-six hundredths

Is 4 greater than 55 hundredths?

yes, because 55 hundredths is less than one.

How much greater is the tenths place than the hundredths?

it is actually less...much less

Is 5.8 greater equal or less than 58 hundredths?


Is 55 percent greater than or less than 0.06?

55% is 55 hundredths, 0.06 is 6 hundredths.

What angles are greater than ninety but less than eighteen?

You mean: What angles are greater than 90, but less than 180. These are obtuse angles

Is 3.1 greater or less than 3.15?

less than. three and ten one hundredths is less than three and fifteen one hundredths.

What three numbers are greater than 5 and less than five and thirty four hundredths?

There are infinitely many such numbers. 5.01, 5.001, 5.339989999 are three.

What is 1.4529 rounded to the nearest tenth?

Rounding to the tenths is determined by what is in the hundredths digit. Less than five rounds down, and five or greater rounds up. In this case, 1.4529 rounds up to 1.5.

Is 0.57 greater or less than 0.60?

0.57 is three hundredths (0.03) less than 0.6.

Is 3.67 greater than or less than 3.7?

3.67 (three and sixty-seven hundredths) is three hundredths (0.03) less than 3.7 (three and seven tenths).

Is 78 greater than 97?

No. Seventy-eight is less than Ninety-Seven

What is bigger seventy five one hundreds or eight tenths?

75 one hundreds is 7500. 75 one hundredths is 0.75 The first is greater, the second is less than eight tenths.

What is between 1.3 and 1.5 greater than 140 hundredths?

anything greater than 1.4 and less than or equal to 1.5.

What is bigger seventy five one hundreds or eight tenths or are they equal?

75 one hundreds is 7500. 75 one hundredths is 0.75 The first is greater, the second is less than eight tenths.

Are thousandths greater than hundredths?

No because 1/000 is less than 1/100

What is 138.166667 to the nearest hundredths place?

138.17 the hundredths place is second number after the decimal. Look at 3rd number after decimal and if 5 or greater round up the hundredths number to next greater digit; if less than 5 round down a digit.

Is a obtuse angle greater then ninety degrees or one hundred eighty degrees?

greater than 90 degrees less than 180 degrees

Is Three eigths greater less or equal to five twelfths?


Is 11.43 greater or less that eleven and five tenths?

less than

Is 0.305 less than 0.35?

Yes. The tenths place is the same, so next examine the hundredths place. 0.305 has a 0 and 0.35 has a 5. Because 5 is greater than 0, 0.35 is greater than 3.305. Yes it is less by .045