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One linear foot = 12 inches long.

One square foot = 12 inches x 12 inches = 144 square inches area.

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Is inches squared equals to square inches?

>> Yes, indeed. Two ways of saying the same thing. Actually this is not true. Yes 1 inch squared is the same as 1 square inch.. but this is the only time this is correct. For example 4 inches squared is actually 4 inches by 4 inches... so 16 square inches.

How do you caculate square foot?

n(Lenght)n(Width=X(Square Feet) In other words, Length times width equals square footage. ------------------------ The above answer is true only for a rectangle.

What is true about a square with 6 inch sides?

Its perimeter will be 24 inches and its area will be 36 square inches.

Is The square root of a quotient equals the quotient of the two square roots?

yes that is true

25.4 centimeters per second equals 10 inches per second true or false?


How many 12 X 12 tiles covers 1 square foot?

If the tiles are 12 inches x 12 inches then you will need just one. While that is true in mathematical terms, in real life, it could depend on the shape of the 1 square foot. You may be required to cut the tile and use all the offcuts. That would be quite difficult if any of the cuts are curved.

How many square inches are in a twelve inch circle?

The area of a circle is pi times the radius squared. If the diameter is 12 inches, the radius is 6 inches. Six squared is 36. If pi is 3.14159, the area is approximately 113.1 square inches. This is a true statement

Is a meter a foot?

no a meter is roughly 3 feet i believe its true measurement is 3.3 ft whatever that measures out to in inches.

Which is bigger 28 inches or 2.5 feet?

28 inches is equal to 2.33333 feet, so 2.5 feet is larger. Yes it is true. As 2.5 feet equals to 30 inches, 2.5 ft has to be larger than 28 inches

Is 120vac the same as 120vrms?

No. RMS is the the true heating ability of A.C. RMS means root mean square. That is the square root of two divided by 2 equals 0.707. Multiply the A.C. times 0.707 equals RMS.

Are 36 cm in a yard?

No, there are 36 inches in a yard, not centimeters. This is true because 12 inches makes a foot and 3 feet make a yard. Thus: 3 x 12= 36.

Why the square root of 88.5 equals 3.0?

The reason you're having such a difficult time explaining why that's true is because it isn't. 3.0 is the square root of 9 . The square root of 88.5 is about 9.4074 (rounded).

Is it true or false that 72 yards equals 860 inches?

Convert them to the same units then you can compare the two. 1 yd = 36 in → 72 yd = 72 × 36 in = 2,592 in or 36 in = 1 yd → 860 in = 860 ÷ 36 yd = 23 8/9 yd ≈ 23.89 yd Either way it is clear that 72 yards and 860 inches are not the same (72 yards is about 3 times bigger), so it is FALSE that 72 yards equals 860 inches.

What is the answer of a square - 5a equals 0?

"The answer" is the number that 'a' must be in order to make the statement true.There are two answers.a = zeroanda = 5

Does10 centimeters per second equals 25.4 inches per second true or false?

No - it is the other way round - 10 inches per second is equal to 25.4 centimetres per second.

1 000 000 equals a million true or false?

True, one million equals one million.

Does the relationship between the circumference and the diameter change when you use a different unit?

No. The units don't matter, the circumference always equals pi times the diameter. (This is only true of the circumference and diameter are in the same units. If for example, the circumference was in feet and the diameter in inches, the feet must be change to inches or the inches to feet in order for this relationship to be true.)

Would 1 inch equal 14 mile or 400 miles why?

To answer that question, I would need the context which details a scale. If one inch on a scale equals 14 miles, that scale remains the same. So two inches (which equals 1 times 2) would translate into 28 miles (because 14 times 2 is 28). The same would hold true for 400 miles. If one inch equals 400 miles, two inches equals 800 miles, and three inches equals 1200 miles.

Does 111cm equals 1.11m true or false?


Is 10 yards less than 360 inches?

1 yard = 3 feet1 foot = 12 inchso, 1 yard = 36 inchesthen 10 yards = 360 inchesAccordingly;10 yards and 360 inches are equalso, the answer is:No, they are the same. 10 yards is equal to 360 inches.

Is it true that a picture of a square displays all the lines of symmetry for the square?


True or false The sum of the interior angles of a quadrilateral equals 340?

False: Think about a square or a rectangle, which are merely special cases of a q/lateral...

If a right triangle has legs of length 5 and 12 then you know the length of the hypotenuse is the square root of 52 plus 122 which equals 13?


What values of x would make the following equation true x square -4x plus 5 equals 8?

4.6457513110645907 -0.6457513110645907

Is it true that the 12-inch ruler called a foot ruler because it measures one foot. true or false?

It was supposedly the foot size of Hercules