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Q: Is one eighth closer to zero than one tenth?
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Related questions

Is 0.75 closer to zero than -0.4?


Why is the tenths place greater than the hundredths place?

Because it is closer to zero. ex. 0.12. The 1 is closer to zero.

Is 0.06 closer to zero or farther away on a number line?

Closer than what?

Which number is closer to 0 .0123 or 023?

.0123 is closer to zero than .023. If you round it to hundredths, it would be .01 or .02. Its easier to think of this way. 1 is closer to zero than 2.

What is 42 to the nearest 100 and why?

Zero because 42 is closer to zero than it is to 100.

Is -2.96 closer to zero than -2.91666?


Is 0.3 closer to zero on a number line than 3 hundredths?

No 0.03 is closer x

What is one eighth of 0?

Zero. Anything times zero is zero.

How do you write 0.08 in word form?

eight hundredths.

What is round to the nearest ten thousands in 132?

It is zero. 132 is much closer to zero than it is to 10,000

Why is 0.07 closer to 0 than 1?

0.5 is exactly between 0 and 1. Anything less than 0.5 is closer to zero.

How do you figure out what fraction is closer to 0?

what ever fraction has a bigger denominator- the bottom number- is closer to zero. for example, 1/4 is closer to zero than 1/3 because when you divide a pizza by 4, you get less pizza each than if you divide it by 3 people.

Is 0.0999 closest to 0?

It's closer to zero than it is to one.

What is the nearest hundreds for 45?

The nearest hundreds for 45 is zero. (Forty-five is closer to zero than to 100).

Is 1 sixth closer to zero?

Closer is a comparative term. So you need another number to compare it with. 1/6 is closer to 0 than 100,000,000 but not closer than 0.00000000001

Is -3 is less than -8?

-3 is greater than -8 because it is closer to zero

Which is closer to 0 one fourth or 0.5?

One fourth (.25) is closer to zero than one half (.5).

How do you round 2500689 to the nearest 10000000?

2.5 million is closer to zero than it is to ten million, so it rounds to zero.

What is .009 rounded to nearest tenth?


Is -1 bigger than -20?


What is . 22 to the nearest whole number?

.22 is closer to zero than to one.

Is one ninth closer to zero one half or one?

It is closer to zero

What is in the tenth place in 7.09?

The zero is in the tenth place.

Is -7 higher than -12?


Which line is closer to the equator 30degrees south or 25 degrees north?

+25 is closer to zero than -30 is.