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Q: Is one face of a rectangular prism is a circle?
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Can a rectangular prism and a rectangular prism form a hexahedron?

Yes, but only if one face of one prism is congruent to a face of the other.

How many fewer faces does a rectangular prism have then a pentagonal prism?

A rectangular prism has 6 faces. A pentagon prism has 7 faces. Therefore a rectangular prism has one less face than a pentagonal prism.

Does a rectangular prism have at least one triangular face?

yes, it has at least three

What is a net for a rectangular prism?

a rectangular prism has one net

Which one has more vertices triangular prism rectangular prism rectangular pyramid or triangular pyramid?

Rectangular prism.

What figure has one rectangular face and two pairs of congruent triangle faces?

triangular prism

Which one has no faces cube or a sphere or cylinder or a rectangular prism?

In normal usage, all of them have a face.

How many triangles does it take to make a rectangular prism?

4, one for each side face

How many vertex does a rectangular prism has?

There are eight vertices for one rectangular prism.

Does a rectangular prism have a vertices?

A rectangular prism has 8 vertices. (One vertex is a corner, so a rectangular prism has 8 vertices.)

What is the volume of a oblique rectangle prism?

Volume = Area of rectangular face x Vertical distance between that face and the one opposite it.

What is the shape that has a pyramid w one fewer face than a square pyramid?

rectangular prism pyramid