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They both have sides that are rectangular in shape.

They both have a constant cross-sectional shape equal to the shape of the ends (triangle for a triangular prism; rectangle for a rectangular prism).

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Q: What is one way that a triangular prism and a rectangular prism are similar?
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Which one has more vertices triangular prism rectangular prism rectangular pyramid or triangular pyramid?

Rectangular prism.

What are the polygons that form a polyhedron?

Any. You can have a triangular pyramid (tetrahedron), a rectangular one, a pentagonal one, and so on. Similarly, you can have a triangular prism, a rectangular prism, and so on.

Which 3D shapes has five faces?

Triangular prism is one and another one is the rectangular prism

What is a triangular prism with a slanted top called?

A triangular prism that is sitting on one of its rectangular faces MUST have a slanted top!

How is a triangular prism different than a rectangular prism?

One is a triangle base...and the other a rectangle..

What is a shape with more than one vertex?

A triangular pyramid, square pyramid, triangular prism,rectangular prism,septagonal prism. Anything that has more than corner.

Does a rectangular prism have at least one triangular face?

yes, it has at least three

Does a triangular prism has 3 rectangular faces?

Short answer, yes. Long answer, a triangular prism has two triangular faces, its bases, and three rectangular faces, its sides, which connect the two faces. Unfolding the prism into a net reveals a rectangle divided into three rectangular sections (these are the three rectangular faces) and two congruent triangles attached along a common edge to one of these rectangles (these are the two triangular faces).

Does a triangular prism have exactly one rectangular base?

Yes. Because a square is a rectangle.

What is a triangular based prism?

A triangular based prism has 5 faces, 9 edges and 6 vertices

How is finding the surface area of rectangular pyramid different from finding the surface area of a triangular prism?

The first comprises one rectangular face and four triangular faces whereas the second has two triangular and three rectangular faces.

What figure has one rectangular face and two pairs of congruent triangle faces?

triangular prism

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