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Yes, way bigger!

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โˆ™ 2011-02-14 22:21:30
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Q: Is one fourth bigger than one fifteenths?
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Is two fifteenths bigger than one eighth?

No. Fifteenths are actually smaller.

Is one eight bigger than one fourth?


Is one fourth bigger than 0.25?

is 1/4 greater than 0.25

Is one fourth bigger than one tenth?

Yes, 1/4 is bigger than 1/10.

Is one sixth bigger than one fourth?


Which is bigger one twelfth or four fifteenths?


What is bigger one fourth or 0.26?

1/4 is 0.25. 0.26 > 0.25; so 0.26 is bigger than one fourth.

Is one fifth bigger than one fourth?

No. One fourth is 25% and one fifth is only 20%.

Is one-fourth bigger then one third?

No. 1/3 is bigger than 1/4.

Is one fourth bigger then one third?

No, 1/3 is bigger than 1/4

Which is greater 3 and one fourth or 2 and thirteen fifteenths?

Since the first amount is more than 3 and the second is less than 3...

Which is bigger three sixteenths or one fourth?

one fourth is bigger, and it is bigger by one sixteenth.

Is one-fourth bigger than nine-tenths?


Is one fourth bigger than five eight?


What is bigger than one fourth?


Is 8 bigger than one fourth?


Is one half of a cup bigger than one fourth of s cup?

Yes, One Half of the cup is bigger then one fourth because one half means 0.5 and one fourth means 0.25

Is three fourths bigger or is one fourth bigger?

3/4 is bigger than 1/4.

Is one third smaller than one fourth?

Nope, one third means one out of three which is bigger than one fourth which means one out of four.

Is one fourth bigger than two tenths?


What is a bigger fraction two ninths or one fourth?

One fourth is bigger.

How do you use a number line for two and one fourth?

two one fourth the two is bigger than the one fourth so it comes last and the one fourth comes first.

Is five eighths bigger than one fourth?

yes yes it it

Is five and one fourth bigger than five and three eighths?

No it is not. 5 and 3 eighths are bigger by one eighth.

Is one fourth or one fifth bigger?

one fourth