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1 furlong = 1/8 mile

1 minute = 1/60 hour

→ 1 furlong/min = 1 × (1/8 mile)/(1/60 hour)

= 1 × 60/8 mph

= 7.5 mph


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Yes, one furlong per minute is the same speed as 7.5 miles per hour. A furlong is equal to 1/8th of a mile, so if you travel 7.5 miles in one hour, that is equivalent to covering 60 furlongs in 60 minutes, which simplifies to one furlong per minute.

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Q: Is one furlong per minute the same speed as 7.5 miles per hour?
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What is the cruising speed of the airplane in miles per minute if its speed is 570 miles per hour?

570 mph equates to 9.5 miles per minute.

If a car is driving 240 miles per hour what is its speed in miles per minute?

240 miles per hour = 240 miles in 60 minutes = 240/60 miles per minute or 4 miles per minute.

How many mile can you go in a minute if you are going 70 miles an hour?

You can go 0.8 miles in one minute if you are traveling at an average speed of 70 miles per hour.

What speed is a 6 minute mile?

10 miles per hour

Amy skates110 yards per minute what is her speed in miles per hour?

1 yard per minute = 0.0340909091 miles per hour. 110 yards per minute = 110 X 0.0340909091 miles per hour. She skates 3.75 miles per hour.

What is the average speed of a 14 minute mile?

This is an average speed of 4.3 miles per hour.

Average speed for a four minute mile?

A 4-minute mile means an average speed of 15 miles per hour.

Lenny rode his bike to school at an average speed of 10 miles per hour what was his speed in feet per minute?

10 miles per hour is 10 times 5280 or 52800 feet per hour or 52800 / 60 or 880 feet per minute.

A car traveled 48.36 miles in 1 hour What was its average speed per minute?

0.806 miles per minute.

Calculating speed of 1 mile per minute?

It is 1 mile/minute or 60 miles/hour

A car is traveling at a rate of 66 miles per hour What is the car's rate in miles per minute?

Dividing the speed in miles per hour by the number of minutes in one hour gives 66/60 = 1.1 miles per minute.

What speed are you travelling if you cover 110 miles in 100 minutes?

Then your speed is precisely (70 miles per 200 minutes).If you do the division of (70/200), you find the more familiar unit rate:(70 miles / 200 minutes) = 0.35 mile/minute = 21 miles/hour .