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No because 1/2 = 0.5 but 4/5 = 0.8

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Q: Is one half bigger than four fifths?
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Is three fifths bigger than a half?

Three fifths is bigger than one half. Two fifths is smaller than one half.

Is four fifths bigger than four sevenths?

Yes, fifths arer bigger chunks than sevenths.

Is two fifths bigger than a half?

Nope... one half is bigger than two fifths.

Which is bigger 1 half or 2 fifths?

One half is bigger than two fifths because two fifths just before 2.5 fifths which is half.

Which is greater two fifths or four sixths?

Four sixths is bigger. Since if you simplify four sixths is equivalent to two thirds. So two thirds is bigger than two fifths, just like one half is bigger than two thirds.

Is the fraction four fifths bigger than seven eighths?

No! The fraction seven eighths is bigger than the fraction four fifths.

Is two fifths more or less than one half?

One half is bigger then two fifths.

Is 0.85 bigger than four fifths?

Yes, it is.

Is half a bar of chocolate bigger than three fifths of it?


Is four fifths more or less than a half?

Four Fifths is equal to 80%. A half is equal to 50%. So, it is 30% more than a half.

Is two thirds bigger than four fifths?

No. Two-thirds is (16 and 2/3 percent) less than four-fifths.

Is nine tenths bigger than four fifths?


Is two fifths bigger than four tenths?

They are equivalent.

Which is greater one half or two fifths?

one half is greater one half = 0.5 two fifths = 0.4 0.5 is bigger than 0.4

Is four fifths smaller than a half?

No because 4/5 is greater than a 1/2

Is 2 and four fifths lesser than 2 six fifths?

2 and four fifths is less than three, 2 and six fifths is greater than 3.

Is one and one half greater than one and four fifths?

NO! one and four fifths is greater. 1 1/2=1 5/10 1 4/5=1 8/10 which one do u think is bigger?

Is three fourths greater than four fifths?

yes it is cause it has bigger space then 4/5

Is seven ninths bigger than four fifths?

Expressed as a decimal, 7/9 is equal to 0.7 recurring (that is, 0.7777...) Expressed as a decimal, 4/5 is equal to 0.8. So, no, four fifths is bigger.

Is four fifths bigger than three fourths?

Yes, four fifths is 80% and three fourths would be 75%.

Which is bigger two fifths or three fourths?

Well 2 is less than half of 5...... and 3 is more than half of 4. Therefore: three fourths is more than two fifths.

Is one half bigger than four-ninths?


Is four sevens bigger than a one half?


Is four fifths greater than half?

Yes, Now stop cheating lil' kid.

Is four fifths greater than 7 twelfths?

the four fifths is better