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No one half is five tenths

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Q: Is one half bigger than six tenths?
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Related questions

Is one half bigger than five tenths?

No. One half is equal to five tenths.

Is sixth tents or three tents bigger than one half?

There are 5 tenths in a half. Therefore, 6 tenths is bigger than a half by 1 tenths.

Is four tenths bigger or one eighth?

Four tenths is bigger than one eighth.

Which one is bigger six-tenths or four-tenths?

Six-tenths (60%) is bigger than four-tenths (40%).

Is seven tenths bigger than one half?

Yes it is. 7/10 > 5/10

Is three tenths larger than one half?

No. Five tenths is equal to one half.

Is one half bigger than seven tenths?

No because 1/2 is the same as 5/10 which is less than 7/10

Is you half bigger than one third?

Yes, half is bigger than one third.

What fractions are bigger than one half?

Three fourths is bigger than one half.

Is one-fourth bigger than nine-tenths?


What is bigger one third or six tenths?

Six tenths is 80% more than one third.

Is three-tenths greater than one half?

one half is grater

Is one eighth bigger than two tenths?

No. Two tenths (one fifth) is bigger than one eighth.

Is four tenths less than one half?

Yes, four tenths is less than one half....4/10 is .40 and 1/2 is .50

Is one fourth bigger than two tenths?


Is six tenths less than one half?


Is one half greater then nine tenths?

Nine tenths is greater than one half. If you have a pie and you took half of it away you would have another half of a pie left. If you took nine tenths of a pie away then you would be left with a tiny sliver. Another way to solve it is to make the denominator into ten so if you made one half into tenths it would be five tenths and everyone knows nine is greater than five.

Is 5.15 bigger than 5.2 which is bigger?

Yes, 5.2 is bigger than 5.15 you can tell this by looking at the tenths place. And since 2 is bigger than one 5.2 would be bigger.

Is one and one half bigger than one and five eighths?

One and five eighths is bigger than one and a half.

Is three fifths bigger than a half?

Three fifths is bigger than one half. Two fifths is smaller than one half.

Is one half less one fifth?

One half is five tenths. One fifth is two tenths. One half less one fifths is five tenths less two tenths, or three tenths. .5 - .2 = .3

Is 1.57 inches bigger than a 1in and a half?

yes. .5 (point 5) is one half, .57 (point 57) is bigger than .5 so .57 is bigger than one half

Is one half bigger than three fourths?

One half is equal to two fourths. And since three is bigger than two most of the time, no, it's not bigger.

Is three tenths greater then one sixth?

three tenths equals eighteen sixtyths one sixth equals ten sixtyths therefore three tenths is bigger than one sixth

Is two fifths bigger than a half?

Nope... one half is bigger than two fifths.