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Six-tenths (60%) is bigger than four-tenths (40%).

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Q: Which one is bigger six-tenths or four-tenths?
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What is the decimal for one and three sixtenths?


What is fourtenths as a decimal?


What fraction is equivalent to eight fourtenths?


Which is greater three fourths or thirteen-fourtenths?


How many sixtenths are in 34?

There are 544 of them.

What is fourteen sixtenths in decimal form?


What is five sixtenths in decimal form?


What is twelve-sixtenths in simplest form?


What is the reciprocal of nine sixtenths?

16 / 9 To find the reciprocal simply switch the numerator and the denominator with one another.

What is greater seven sixtenths or three eighths?

7/16 is greater.

What is the quotent when the decimal number ten and sixtenths is divided by fourhundreths?

The quotient is 265.

Is 7 thirds and 28 sixtenths equivalent?

7/3 and 28/16 are not equivalent.

What are equivalent fractions for 1 quarter?

2 eighths, 4 sixtenths. there's heaps :)

How do you convert ten-sixtenths into a decimal?

ten and six tenths = 10.6 in decimal

Which is bigger three sixteenths or one fourth?

one fourth is bigger, and it is bigger by one sixteenth.

What one is bigger one ounce or one gram?

One ounce is bigger.

Which is bigger one quarter or one third?

One third is bigger.

What fuel line is the pressure line for a 1996 cirus quarter or the five sixtenths above the tank which one does the fuel filter pressure hook to and which one is the return can't remember?

The larger line is the pressure line, the smaller line is return.

Is one twelfth bigger than one eighth?


Is one half or five twelfths bigger?

One half is bigger.

Is bigger one third or one sixth?

1/3 is bigger.

Is one-eighth bigger then one-ninth?

Yes it is slightly bigger.

What is bigger on forth or one eighth?

one forth is obviosly bigger

How is 9 sixtenths closer to one half than to 1?

Because 9/16 is only 1/16 away from being 1/2 (8/16) and is 6/16 (or 3/8) away from 1.

Is one fourth bigger than one fifteenths?

Yes, way bigger!