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Yes, One Half of the cup is bigger then one fourth because one half means 0.5 and one fourth means 0.25

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Q: Is one half of a cup bigger than one fourth of s cup?
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Related Questions

Which is bigger one half cup or twothirds cup?

Two-thirds a cup is larger than one-half cup.

What is half of one fourth a cup?

Half of one-fourth of a cup is one-eighth of a cup.

Is two thrids cup bigger than a half of a pint?

no - 1 full cup = half a pint

What one half of a half of cup?

One-fourth cup

Which one is bigger half cup or three sevenths cup?

A half cup is bigger. When put in a decimal 1/2 is 0.5 and 3/7 is about 0.43. The half cup has the bigger number, therefore it is bigger.

What does 1 fourth of a cup plus 1 fourth of a cup equal?

Half a cup

What is one fourth of one half cup?

One fourth of one half cup is one eighth, 1/8.

What is one fourth cup plus one fourth cup equal?

one half cup, or two fourths cup.

Is 1 third of a cup bigger than 1 fourth?

yes only 3 of 1 third needed to fill cup whereas 4 of 1 fourth needed.

What is bigger one third cup or 1 fourth cup?

one third cup

What would one fourth plus one fourth cup equal?

One half cup.

Is a half a cup more than a third cup?

Yes, .5 is bigger than .33333333333333333 I assume you mean a third of a cup. Yes it is bigger. If you were to fill a cup with a third of say lentils, you would need to do this three times to fill the cup, whereas if you filled it half full, you would only have to do it twice. So therefore it is more

WHAT is between one fourth cup and one half cup?

3/8 cup

What is half of one and three fourth cup?

appoximately 2/3 cup

Is a half stick of butter one fourth cup?


What is half of three fourth cup?

1/2 of 3/4 cup = 3/8 cup

What is half of one fourth cup?

1/8 cup

Is a cup bigger than a milliliter?

Yes. A cup is much bigger . 1 cup = 236.588 ml.

What is half of 2 and half cup?

1 1/4 one and one-fourth

How many tablespoons in half of a fourth cup?

That is 4 tablespoons.

Is cup bigger than pt?

No, pints are bigger than cups.

How many sticks of butter is equal to one fourth of a cup?

One half stick of butter equals one quarter (fourth) of a cup.

How do you simplfy one fourth of one half cup?

1/8 of a cup or 6 teaspoons

What is one fourth cup plus one fourth cup equals?

two fourths of a cup which is one half cup. 1/4+1/4=2/4=1/2

Is three fourth of a cup more than a half of a cup?

Yes.1/2 also equals 2/4Therefore,2/4 < 3/4