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No, one third is more than one fourth

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Q: Is one third equivalent to one fourth?
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Is one-fourth equivalent to 1.25?

No. One-fourth is less than 1.25. One-fourth is equivalent to .25

What is one third-one fourth?

if you're asking what is one third of one fourth, then it's one third times one fourth. you multiply the numerators and you multiply the denominators and you get one twelfth.

What is three fourth of one third?


How much larger is one fourth than one third?

a fourth is 8% smaller then a third

Is one fourth equivalent to two eight?

Yes. One fourth is equivalent to two eighths.

What is five one third times one-fourth?

It is one and one third.

How do you get the answer to one fourth of one and one third?

Just multiply one third by .25, since .25 is another way to put one fourth.

Is one third smaller than one fourth?

Nope, one third means one out of three which is bigger than one fourth which means one out of four.

Is 33 and one third percent equivalent to one third?

Yes, finding 33 and one third percent of a number is equivalent to finding one third.

Is one fourth greater then one third?


Is one third close to one fourth?


What is the fraction of one-fourth of 12?

One-fourth of twelve is equivalent to 3.

How many sixth are equivalent to one third?

Two sixth are equivalent to one third.

What does one third plus one fourth plus one fourth plus one six?

one sixteenth

What were Taylor Swifts third and fourth albums called?

The third is called 'Speak now' and there is no fourth one at this point.

What is three fifths of one fourth?

Three fifths of one fourth is equivalent to 0.15.

What is bigger one third cup or 1 fourth cup?

one third cup

What is one fourth of two and one third?


What is one fourth of the one third of 288?


What is equivalent to one fourth?


What is three fourths of one third?

Three-fourths of one-third is one-fourth ( 1/4 ).

Four thirds is equivalent to?

It is equivalent to one and one third.

Is two third less than one fourth?

no two thirds is more than one fourth

What does the word fourth mean?

First, second, third, fourthIt means four in sequential wordsORIf I take one slice of pizza when there were four slices, I take one fourth of the pizza. One fourth is equivalent to 25%, because 25 goes into 100 four times

Does one third and one fourth equals two thirds?