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No. One third of a pound is equal to four-twelfths, while one quarter is equal to three twelfths. So a third is 33% greater than a quarter.

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Q: Is one third of a pound less than a quarter of a pound?
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Related questions

Is one quarter more or less than one third?

one quarter is less than one third

What is is 3.4 oz?

It is a weight a little less than quarter of a pound.

Is a quarter pound more than a 1 pound?

No, it is one quarter of a pound. One fourth. 4 quarter pounds equal one pound.

100 grams of meat?

3.5 ounces of meat, or just less than a quarter of a pound

How many pounds is 3.5 oz?

There are 16 ounces in each pound. So, 3.5 oz is less than a quarter of a pound. To be exact it is 2.188 of a pound.

Which fraction is bigger 1 quarter or 2 third?

One quarter (25%) is less than 2/3 (66%).

What fraction is bigger than a one quarter and less than a third?

27/100 is one possibility.

How is newtons related to other measurements?

A Newton is .225 Pounds roughly less than a quarter pound.

Is a quarter-pound heavier than a ounce?

Yes. There are 16 ounces in a pound and so there are 4 ounces in a quarter-pound.

How much does a chicken sandwich weight?

A chicken sandwich weight is not much at all, less than a quarter pound !

Is a quarter bige than a third?

A quarter is four parts of a whole, while a third is three parts of a whole. Therefore, a quarter is smaller than a third.

What fraction is smaller than a third but bigger than a quarter?

a third

What weights more a quarter pound or an ounces?

An ounce is one sixteenth of a pound.A quarter pound is equal to 4 ounces.Therefore a quarter pound weighs more than an ounce.

Is 1 kilogram less than or greater than 1 pound?

less than

How many cups are in 5 tablespoons?

There are 0.3125 cups in 5 tablespoons -- more than a quarter cup, less than a third of one cup.

.28 is how many inches?

.28 inches is a little bit more than a quarter of an inch and a little bit less than third of an inch.

When can you see more than one half but less than all of the Moon's lighted side?

All the time between First Quarter and Third Quarter, except for the moment of Full Moon.

Is three tenths less than a quarter?

three tenths is more than a quarter

Is a liter more than a quarter?

It's more than quarter of a pint, it's more than a quarter of a dram. -It's less than a quarter of an Imp Gallon.

Is one quarter less than or more than seven twelfths?

less than

What is a fraction that is less than one quarter full?

One-fifth is one simple fraction that is less than one quarter.

How much do coins weigh?

less than 1 pound Type your answer here...

What weighs less than a pound?

I would say that if you put one coin on a weigh it will be less than a pound. And the easy objects that weighs less than a pound is insects,paper,a single leaf, and etc. There is a lot of things that weigh less than a pound?

What is bigger a half pound or a third pound?

A half of anything is always larger than a third of the same thing.

Does a double Quarter Pounder weigh more than a 1 3 angus burger?

Well a Double Quarter Pounder has half a pound of meat, whereas an Angus burger has only a third, so theoretically, yes, it does.