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No. The outcome is the event that happens in a trial. Given any variable of interest, the outcome is the value which that variable takes in a trial.

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Q: Is outcome in statistics the total amount?
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What does outcome mean in math term?

in math terms, specifically statistics, the outcome is the results expressed as part of the total.

What are some examples of statistics to predict?

When polls are taken, they tend to predict the outcome of political elections.

What is the rationale of studying statistics?

There are very many things in life where the outcome is uncertain. Studying statistics gives you the tools to make sense of the information, validate the information and helps you to make rational decisions based on statistics.

What is the definition for an equally likely outcome in the probability of an event?

What is the highest possible outcome for how grand is your total?

The highest total in "How Grand Is Your Total" is over 900,000...

What are Jose Theodore's career statistics in the NHL?

"Jose Theodore has career statistics in the NHL. His total career statistics are GP580, MIN32790, GS547, W260, etc. His yearly statistics differ from these."

What is the amount after everything is counted?

It is the total amount.

Are statistics used in financial formulas in Excel worksheets?

Yes, they can be. There are a huge amount of ways that statistics could be used in financial formulas.

What is the total amount of amount of global precipitation?

I think the total amount for precipitation is 382,000km

How are statistics used by scientists?

I believe scientist use statistics as data to process certain actions from a measured group or population. This can determine certain out comes when test are done repeatedly to obtain an actual statistical outcome.

What Is a document that is based on the amount of risk taken on a specific outcome?

Insurance policy

What are the Disadvantages of statistics?

Statistics is a mere tool and not facts to make strong points for decision making.Just by using the statistics given it's impossible to make a decisionStatistics just gives a picture of a sample of total population, which may have different outcome in a single incident.In statistics only the common trend of the data is pictured which may differ with randomly picked single outcome.How much can be depend on the accuracy and validity of data.The interpretation of statistics has to be valid and clearThey cannot be generalised to other statistics depending on the subjective topic.DO YOUR OWN WORK AND STOP COPYING OFF THE INTERNET!!dtmcjd@yahoo.comi want these points to be explained in detailedk

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