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Q: Is pantoprazole the same as antiacid?
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Can you take iron with pantoprazole sodium 40 mg?

If you do, take it around the same time ; pantoprazole interferes with iron absorption.

Is lansoprazole dr the same as pantoprazole sod?


How is pantoprazole superior to rabeprazole?

Rabeprazole is the only ppi which doesn't require cyp2c19 to metabolize in the no drug interaction with other drugs which are taken with rabeprazole.but pantoprazole required same that why rabeprazole is superior compare to pantoprazole

Does Pantoprazole contain any THC?

No, pure pantoprazole contains only pantoprazole.

Is Pantoprazole Sod Gluten-Free?

is pantoprazole by wyeth gluten free

Is ferrous sulfate the same as pantoprazole?

No. Ferrous Sulfate is Iron. It will help if a person is anemic (not enough iron in their blood stream) Pantoprazole is the generic of Protonix which is for stomach/intestinal issues (Gerd/ Acid Reflux)

What is an antiacid?

A base or a basic salt that neutralises the stomach acidity is called an antacid.

In what part of the digestive system do antiacid work?

in the stomach

Does pantoprazole have gluten in its components?

According to many sites, pantoprazole doesn't have any gluten in it.

What is the difference between Pantoprazole and rabeprazole?

The difference between pantoprazole and rabeprazole is rabeprazole can be used with an antibiotic to treat H. pylori infections in the stomach. Pantoprazole comes in a stronger dose of 40mg.

Is omeprazole a psychotropic drug?

yes and an over the counter drug... and an antiacid

What is chemical change of antiacid?

When antacids reacts with acids from the stomach this is a chemical change.