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a penny is worth a cent.

so pretty much it is a cent.

and a quarter is 25 cents

and a dime is 10 cents

and a nickel is 5 cents


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Q: Is penny and scent same
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What Is homophone of penny?

cent, sent, scent

What are the homonyms of cent?

cent = one penny sent = He sent a letter to his mom. scent = Do you like the scent of lilacs and roses?

What are two homonyms for sent?

cent as in penny or scent as a smell

What is a homophone for sent?

cent i.e. A penny equals 1 cent. scent i.e. Spring is a wonderful time of year when the scent of lilacs fills the air.

Do two cats from the same litter have the same scent?

Yes when they are kittens as the mother puts her scent on the kittens to recognise them.

Penny joke that starts with do you smell anything answer a Cent Next two pennies Do you see a car answer is two lincolns do you know the rest of the riddle?

Requires five pennies, placed down one at at time, heads up.Place the first penny on the table..."Can you smell that....that's a scent."Place the second penny...."Can you see any fruit....that's a pair"Place the third penny...."Can you see any cars? Three Lincolns.",Place the fourth down..."Can you see any snakes? Four copperheads.Place the fifth down..."Can you see any pu**y?"Scoop them all up..."Not for five cents you can't."

How many pennies make 500 grams?

The answer will depend on the currency in question. the mass of a UK penny is not the same as a US cent (penny), or those of other countries.The answer will depend on the currency in question. the mass of a UK penny is not the same as a US cent (penny), or those of other countries.The answer will depend on the currency in question. the mass of a UK penny is not the same as a US cent (penny), or those of other countries.The answer will depend on the currency in question. the mass of a UK penny is not the same as a US cent (penny), or those of other countries.

What are the different ways to spell sent?

You can spell sent as cent (a penny), scent (a smell) or sent (to move along).

What is a homonym for the word scent?

There are 2 homophones (sound-alike words) for scent :scent - smell, odorcent - a pennysent - past tense of to send

What is the font on a wheat penny?

the same as today's penny, lincoln.

What is a homophone for scent?

Homophones for scent are highlighted in sentences below.A penny is worth one cent.I sent my cousin a birthday card.

What word means the same as perfume?


Can we recognize people by smell?

yes. i recognize people by smell. sometimes i know they are in the same room when i smell their own scent. and i mean not perfume scent but natural good body scent.

How do you write penny in french?

Penny (as in a coin): souPenny (as in the name): Same spelling as the English, Penny.

Can Zexion tell the emotions of a person by just smelling their scent in Kingdom Hearts?

No. He can only smell their scent of wether it's light or dark and if it's similar to another's scent. Riku can do the same.

How do the cheetahs know which baby is theirs?

By their scent. The baby cheetah will smell the same as its mother, and she will recognise her own scent on the young cats.

What is the homophone of sent?

The homophone of sent is cent - she bought a piece of candy for one centcent - with a penny, He bought a one cent stamp.scent - Gail loves the scent of roses.

Why does your hamster have bold patches on the back?

Hamsters have bald patches on they're sides because they are scent glands. when you pick them up it catches in your scent,, then when someone picks them up, they let off your scent and see if it is the same person :)

4 letter word for a penny?

That would be cent, as in 1 cent is the same as 1 penny.

What is the history of a penny saved is a penny earned?

What Benjamin Franklin ment was any penny you don't waste is the same as earning a penny. Pennies don't mean much anymore, so think of it as $10. Basically, not wasting $10 is the same as earning $10.

Are fizz boards and penny boards the same?


What does the 2011 penny look like?

It looks exactly the same as the 2010 or 2012 penny.

Why do animal mothers sometimes reject their young?

they reject their young because someone has either touched it or it is probably going to die. if their young does not have the same scent as the mother, they will reject them. my hamster ate her young because they didn't have the same scent as her.

What is the same about a copper penny and a copper kettle?

Same density

Missing someone's smell. is that weird and what does it mean?

When you miss someone's smell, your auditory nerves in your brain become used to the particular smell that you are missing...and that is how you miss it. It is perfectly normal.AnswerEach person has their own scent. No two people have the same scent, well, unless they are wearing the same cologne or perfume..Haha..anyway when you care about someone and miss them you will miss their scent also.