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No. The square root of negative one is an example of an imaginary (not real) number.

Pi is irrational, but real.

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Q: Is pi an Example of a number that is not real?
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Related questions

What is an Example of a real number that is not a rational number?

pi, or the square root of 2.

Is pi a real number?

Pi is a real number

What is an example of a rational number an integer and a real number?

1/2, 5, pi, respectively

What real number is also irrational?

All real numbers are irrational. For example, Pi is an irrational number that is a real number. Other irrational numbers can be the square root of an imperfect square.

Are all real numbers rational numbers?

No. For example, pi is a real number, but it is irrational (it cannot be converted into an exact fraction).The reverse is true, however: all rational numbers are also real numbers.

What is the real pi number?

3.141592653589793 is pi.

What number divided by another number equals pi?

This has an infinite number of answers, for example: pi / 1, (2 x pi) / 2, 1 / (1/pi), etc.This has an infinite number of answers, for example: pi / 1, (2 x pi) / 2, 1 / (1/pi), etc.This has an infinite number of answers, for example: pi / 1, (2 x pi) / 2, 1 / (1/pi), etc.This has an infinite number of answers, for example: pi / 1, (2 x pi) / 2, 1 / (1/pi), etc.

What is an example of real number in math?

Any number that ca be expressed as a finite or infinite decimal is a real number. 3, 1/7, -2.65, pi, sqrt(37) are all real numbers.

What are the other real number?

The other real number is 3/pi. I will bet that was not the real number you had in mind and so is an "other" real number.

What number is both real and irrational?

All irrational numbers are Real numbers - it's part of the definition of an irrational number. Imaginary numbers are neither rational nor irrational. An example of a number that is both Real and irrational is the square root of two. Another example is the number pi.

Is Pi a cardinal number?

its a real number lol

How do you plot Pi on the real number line?

For plotting, you can use an approximation. Pi, which is approximately 3.14, is between 3 and 4, but closer to 3. If, for example, integers are 10 millimeters apart, then pi would be about 1 1/2 millimeters to the right of the number 3.

What is the real number for pi?


What type of number that pi is?

The real value of pi has never been determined because it is an irrational number

What group of real numbers does Pi belong to?

Pi is an Irrational number, which is one of the two subcategories of real numbers.

Is Some real numbers are not rational numbers?

yes example pi which is ratio of circumference of a circle by diameter. That is a real number which is APPROXIMATED as 22/7 but is not a rational number. Another example square root of 5,6,7. These are all real numbers but cannot be expressed as a rational number (p/q form)

What is pi is an example of?

An irrational number

Can you subtract two irrational numbers to get a rational number?

Yes. For example: pi - pi = 0

Is 3 pi a real number?

Yes, it is.

Example of an irrational number?

A popular example is pi (3.14159...).

Real numbers that is less than zero?

That's basically any number with a minus sign. For example, -3, -0.0001, -pi, etc.

What is an example of an irrational number is?

Negative pi

Example of irrational number?

Example of irrational number: Pi. Or the square root of any number.

What is an example of irrational?

pi is an example of an irrational number.

Is pie a real number?

Pi is a real number (approximately 3.14159265...), and pie (apple, cherry, custard etc.) is a real dessert.