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pi is an example of an irrational number.

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Q: What is an example of irrational?
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What is example of irrational numbers?

[ square root of (2) ] is irrational

Is the sum of irrational roots irrational?

Not always. For example: sqrt(2)+(-sqrt(2))=0 which is not irrational.

Example of two irrational numbers the product of which is an irrational number?

sqrt(2)*sqrt(3) is an irrational product.

Why an irrational number plus an irrational number equal a rational?

That simply isn't true. The sum of two irrational numbers CAN BE rational, but it can also be irrational. As an example, the square root of 2 plus the square root of 2 is irrational.

What is an irrational number but not an integer?

No irrational numbers are integers. Pi is one example.

Is 0.712 rational or irrational?

0.712 is rational. It is 712/1000. Irrational numbers are infinite. An example of an irrational number is pi, which is 3.1415926535... .

Why are irrational numbers called surds?

Irrational number are NOT called surds. For example, pi is irrational but it is not a surd.Surds are a very small subset of irrational numbers.

What is a example of irrational number?

An Irrational Number is a Number that cannot be converted to a Fraction and has an unstoppable amount of numbers after the decimal point. For Example, Pi is the most famous irrational number. If I didn't answer your question, search up Irrational Numbers.

Are negative square roots rational or irrational?

If the positive square root (for example, square root of 2) is irrational, then the corresponding negative square root (for example, minus square root of 2) is also irrational.

Can you add an irrational number and a rational number to give an irrational?

No, but you can add an irrational number and a rational number to give an irrational.For example, 1 + pi is irrational.

Irrational number example?


Is 1.33 rational?

Yes because there is a 'pattern' 1.46483947390372 would be irrational for example