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No. "Point 63" or 0.63 is 63 percent. That's more than one percent.

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Is 5 percent greater or less than one half?

5 percent is less than one half

Is 7.65 percent less than a tenth of one percent?

7.65 percent is more than a tenth of one percent.

How is 0.0068 written as a percent?

.68%, or .68 percent. It means less than one percent; it is 68% of one percent.

Which number is less than 138 percent?

One possibility is 137 percent.

Does ford own Cummings diesel?

Nope. At one point, they owned less than 10 percent of Cummins (not "Cummings"), but have since divested themselves of it.

Is 0.441 pounds less than a pound?

0.441 of something is always less than a whole one. In fact, it's always 55.9 percent less than a whole one.

What percentage is jainism?

Less than one percent of Indian population.

Is 1 one third greater than 145 percent?

no, a percent is always out of 100 if the percent is grater than 100 than it is more than 1 and a fraction is always less than one unless the numerator is grater than the denominator.

What is the percent of nitrogen and carbon dioxide that is in the air?

Less than one percent is CO2 and about 80% is nitrogen.

Is marijuana 30 percent of America's economy?

No- nowhere near that important- surely less than one percent.

Which has more alcohol in it a solution of one percent by volume or one percent by weight?

One percent by weight. Alcohol has a density of less than water, so 1 g of alcohol is more than 1 mL.

What are three decimals that are less than one percent?

1% = 0.01. Three decimals that are less than 0.01 are 0.005, 0.006, and 0.007.

What percent of the US population currently serves in the military?

Around 2,266,883 are in the military to this day.

Where does less that one hundredth of one percent of earths fresh water exist?

In the bottle of water in front of me. It contains about 1 sixtillionths of 1 percent the world's water which, as required, is less than 1 hundredth of 1 percent.

Is three tenths greater or less than one fourth?

Three tenths is 20 percent greater than one fourth.

What percent of world population has a Ph.D degree?

In the U.S. there are less than three percent of people with a PhD. Worldwide it is closer to one percent or lower.

How do the graph of x is less than 1 and x greater than 1 differ?

If x is less than one, the graph will be a number line with every point less than (but not including) 1 shaded.If x is greater than one, the graph will be a number line with every point greater than (but not including) 1 shaded.

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