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No because 7 squared equals 49 which is a rational number but the square root of 7 is an irrational number

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Q: Is seven squared an example of an irrational number?
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Is the number seven irrational?


Is four over twenty-seven an irrational number?

No. And it is not even an irrational number!

What does seven squared mean?

seven multiplied by seven, thus 49 a number squared means that number times itself so six squared or written as 62 = 6 times 6 = 36

What number equal 7 squared?

Seven squared = 7 x 7 = 49

What is seven squared?

what is seven squared

What is an irrational number between twin primes five and seven?

the square root of 37

Is negative seven an irrational number or a rational number?

-7 is a rational number because it can be expressed as a fraction in the form of -7/1

What type of number is the square root of seven?

The most obvious answer is that it is an irrationalnumber; it cannot be expressed as a ratio a/b.

What is negative seven squared?

49 same as positive seven squared

What is seven squared times two cube?

Seven squared times two cubed is equal to 392.

Is six over seven a rational or irrational number?

yes. rational numbers are numbers that can be expressed as fractions and so since 6/7 is a fraction, it is a rational number.

The sum of a number and its square is 56?

The answer is 7. Seven squared is forty nine. 49 plus 7 equals 56.

Which NFL team would be a word play on IOU for example 6 rulers would be VIkings or seven squared would be 49ers?


What is the square root of number seven?

The square root of 7 is an irrational number, so its decimal expansion never ends and never repeats. Rounded to 3 decimal places it is 2.646.

What football team is the square of a prime number?

Presumably you are talking about the San Francsico 49'ers - 49 is equal to seven squared.

Can you write 7 squared as a decimal?

Seven squared is 49, or 49.0 in decimal form.

Is the square root of seven a real number?

Well, first let's define a "real number." A real number is any number that's not imaginary. It can be rational or irrational. The square root of 7 is 2.64575131... and it goes on forever. This means it cannot be written as a simple fraction. We can give an estimate of the square root of 7 in a fraction form, but this is not the exact result. So, the square root of 7 is a irrational number.Since a real number can be irrational or rational, yes, the square root of 7 is a real number.

How do you write seven squared?


Who are the seven squared?

A football team.

Is seven squared rational?


Is the square root of seven ninths irrational?


What does 7 raised to the second power mean?

7 raised to the second power is the same way as saying "seven squared". Seven squared is equal to 49.

What is sine squared theta subtract six cosine squared theta divided by one minus seven cosine squared theta?

It is 1.

What will be the Collective noun of number of leopards?

A group of leopards is called a 'leap.' If you wish to add a number, for example, seven, it would be: 'A leap of seven leopards.'

What is the team name for the nickname seven squared?

a seven chair hair apple