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Compared to a number of lesser value, yes. Compared to a number of greater and/or equal value, no.

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Q: Is six point zero zero three a big number?
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What the number to put on the lock at big nate poptropicia?

it is nine three zero five

Why is important the zero?

do you mean why is zero so important well this is why. zero is betwin one so the zero gets started with because its zero one two three. and it can also make lower numbers. zero is the king of the small numbers the small numbers are -one -two -three. and it makes the big ones. zero one two three. its very easy to know why its an important number.

What is at zero zero degrees twelve point one minute north of latitude zero zero zero degrees twenty two point nine minutes west of longitude?

big ben

What number does the big hand point to to show quarter past?

It points to three or 3

How big is zero?

the number isn't at all...the word can be and big as you like

What is the code in big nate for poptropica?

The code on Big Nate's Island is three nine zero five. Or I could be wrong and it is nine three zero five. Try them Both! But to open the locker You need all of the comic pieces.

Can an atom be big as a point?

Atoms are infinitely larger than points, which have zero length.

What the number that is 10 times as big as 4250?

To multiply a whole number by 10, just add a zero...

What is the three major volcanic zones?

the major zones are the zones that spew lava such as volcanoes. the top three are: big volcano number one, big volcano number two, big volcano number three. they all spew lava by the way. and candy canes.

How many zero can be put for a decimal while dividing a small number by a big number?

As many as required: there is no limit.

What is theBig Three?

The way to get the Big three is by writting down the number three then clicking the font size to be number 1000000. :)

Is negative two big or three?

Negative two is bigger than negative three because -2 is just 2 units away from zero while -3 is 3 units away from zero.

How big was the particle that started the big bang?

It isn't by any means clear that there was anything that "started the Big Bang" or that there even was a point in time where it started. In any case, no hypothetical or theoretical model has it starting with "a particle". Although there is general agreement among cosmologists on the timeline of the Big Bang once it got started, there are competing models about the conditions of the actual starting point, if any. Some relativistic models have it starting with a singularity, a geometric point of zero dimensions, zero volume. Other models have it starting as a non-zero volume area of spacetime - but still much smaller than, for instance, a proton.

What does the comic strip say on Big Nate Island?

locker combo: NINE THREE ZERO FIVE

How do you arrange the comics on big Nate island in poptropica?

You have to make the words,NINE,THREE,ZERO,FIVE.

How many zero's in 1.3 billion?

To write the number 1.3 billion, it would be 1,300,000,000. So, there are 8 zeros total, in this number. One more zero would make it 13,000,000,000, which is a big difference numerically.

When a small number is divided by a big number how many zeros can be added using a decimal?

only one zero can be added using a decimal

Why do you need a zero in the place value system?

Zero plays a big role in place value. For example how would you express 3 thousand if you do not use zero or 3 thousandth without zero after the decimal point. Without the zero 3 thousand will just be equal to 3 and 3 thousandth will just be equal to .3

What is 162.5 to the nearest 1000?

The number is not big enough to be rounded to the nearest thousand otherwise it would be zero

What number does the big hand point to show twenty past?

at 4

Who has the most three point field goals in big ten history?

Torin Walter

Is 34.4 less than 34.40?

No, they are equal. Any time you have a zero to the right of the number behind the decimal, such as .4 or .40, the zero has no value. Now, if the zero was to the left of the 4, then it would have value, and would make a big difference. For example: If it were .04 instead of .4 or .40, then it would be 4/100 (or four hundredths) instead of 4/10 (or four tenths). In the 34.4 and 34.40, the .4 and .40 are both four tenths. Always remember, it's when the 0 is between the decimal point (.) and the number that is when it changes the value of the number. But if it's to the right of the number, it has no value.

How do you get into the locker on Big Nate island?

Once you find the 8 missing pieces of the Big Nate strip, the locker combination is written across the middle (and is the easiest way to assemble the pieces). The number is "nine three zero five", but the combination will not work until you have found all the comics and put the strip together.

What number does the big hand point to show quarter past?

The 15, easy

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Zero Gravity Bed I purchased was less expensive and much more comfortable than the sleep number bed I have slept on for over a year. Big thumbs up! Great service too!