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No, they're the same

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Q: Is six twelfths less than half a gallon?
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Is seven twelfths less than one half?


Is one half less than five twelfths?

Well, one half equals six twelfths. You figure it out from there.

Is five twelfths less or greater than one half?

!less by one twelfth

Is three twelves less than a half?

Yes, because six twelfths would a half.

Is a pint less than half of a gallon?

Yes, a pint is less than 1/2 gallon.

How much is 1 quart of a gallon?

Less than half-2 quarts=half of a gallon

What is larger seven twelfths or one half?

There are six twelfths in one half.Seven twelfths is more than six twelfths.Therefore seven twelfths is larger than one half.

Is three twelfths bigger than a half?

no. half of twelve is six and three is less than six. 6/12=1/2

How do you know that five twelfths are less than a half?

By converting to a common denominator (convert 1/2 to twelfths), and comparing. Because 5 is less than half of 12.

Is five twelfths less than one half?

Yes . 5/12=0.4166. 6/12 is one half.

Is 8 cups less than more than or the same as a gallon?

Less Than 8 cups is a half-gallon; a gallon is 4 quarts or 16 cups.

Is two fifths less than half a gallon?


Explain why 7 over 12 is greater that 1 half?

one half is 6 twelfths and 7 twelfths is more than 6 twelfths

What fractions are less than ten twelfths?

nine twelfths eight twelfths ........ down to twelfth

Is seven twelfths greater or less than three fourths?

less than

Is one quarter less than or more than seven twelfths?

less than

Is seven twelfths greater than or less than five sixths?

less than

Is one half bigger than eleven twelfths?


what is bigger three twelfths or one half?

One Half.6/12 isequivalentto one half so: 3/12<1/2 (Is Less Than)

Is a half gallon less than 2 liters?

yes 1.89 liter

What is better 1.65 for half a gallon or a full gallon for 3.10?

The full gallon is a better deal financially. The unit price for the full gallon is 6.1% less than the unit price for the half-gallon.

Is eight twelfths more than one half?


Is three fifths less than half a gallon?

3/5 is more than 1/2

Is five twelfths less than two thirds?


Is five twelfths greater than or less than one fourths?