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Sum is the result of an addition problem.

Difference is the result of a subtraction problem.

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Q: Is sum part of addition or subtraction?
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How are addition and subtraction the same?

Addition is a sum and so is subtraction. So there's your answer!

If sum is addition then what is subtraction?

It is the difference

What is a result of a subtraction problem?

Subtraction, like addition, results in a sum.

Is sum and difference the same?

No. The sum is the answer to an addition problem. The difference is the answer to a subtraction problem.

What is the mathematical name for the result of addition?

addition- sum subtraction- difference

How are sum and difference similar?

addition id adiona and subtraction is submarine

Is less than subtraction?

Yes, less than means subtraction and more than or (sum) means addition.

What is the difference between sum and difference?

sum is addition difference is subtraction

What is the function in Microsoft Excel for subtraction?

There is no specific function in Excel for subtraction, like SUM for addition. We use the minus sign instead.

What is the name for the term of the sum of items that are multiplied together?

Addition - Sum Subtraction - Difference Division - Quotent Multiplication - Product

Who discovered addition or subtraction?

who discovered addition and subtraction.

Is addition subtraction division or multiplication part of geometry?


How do you check your answers in addition and subtraction?

for addition you take the sum and subtract one of the numbers being added from it and for subtraction you add the difference with the second number being subtracted so it equals the first number

How is addition relaked to subtraction?

Addition is the inverse operation to subtraction.

Definition of addition and subtraction of binary?

definiton of addition and subtraction

How addition and subtraction related?

Addition and subtraction are reverse operations.

Algebra identifying like terms in addition and subtraction?

sum qoutient product greater then less than

How are addition and subtraction mathematically connected?

Subtraction is the addition of a negative number.

How are addition and subtraction of integers related?

Addition and subtraction are inverse functions.

What are the similarities of addition and subtraction?

Subtraction can be seen as the inverse operation to addition.

How do you check addition with division?

You don't. You can check addition with subtraction or subtraction with addition, since subtraction is the opposite of addition. Similary, you can check division with multiplication, or vice versa.

Does sum mean subtraction?

No. Sum means to add.

Resultant velocity is calculated using which two math functions?

"addition and subtraction"Resultant velocity refers to the sum of all vectors in an equation. The two math functions that are used to calculate the resultant velocity are addition and subtraction.

What do the words product sum quotent and difference mean?

Product is the answer in a multiplication problem; Sum is the answer in an addition problem; Quotient is the answer in a division problem; Difference is the answer in a subtraction problem.

Is addition and subtraction is a part of commercial mathematics?

audit to bank working system