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Yes, yes it is

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Q: Is ta possible for an object to have average velocity equal to its instantaneous velocity?
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Whats the difference between average velocity and instantaneous velocity?

the instantaneous velocity or speed is the speed a body travels at a particular and average velocity is the total distance an object

When is the average velocity equal to the instantaneous velocity?

When an object is in constant motion (when there is no acceleration). At any point in that motion the average and instantaneous velocities will be the same.

When an object moves with inconstant velocity does its average velocity differ from its instantaneous velocity?

Generally it is a Yes. Instantaneous velocity is the exact velocity at a particular time in the course of the movement. However, average velocity is the average of all the instantaneous velocity over a period of time. It is also known as speed in everyday life. As a result, the movement of an object over a time period under varying velocity denotes a varying instantaneous velocity which could be different from the average velocity. It is however, possible that the instantaneous velocity equates to the average velocity at a certain point over the duration of movement. For example, a ball is traveling at instantaneous velocity of 99m/s at t=1s , 100m/s at t=2s and 101m/s at t=3s. the average velocity over the 3s period is hence 100m/s which coincides with the instantaneous speed at t=2s.

What is a instantaneous velocity?

Instantaneous velocity: The velocity of an object at one moment in time.

When an object moves with constant velocity does its average velocity during a time interval differ from its instantaneous velocity at any instant?

No. If it its moving at constant velocity, its instantaneous velocity would be the same as its constant velocity.

Difference between average velocity and instantaneous velocity?

average velocity is the displacement over time while instantaneous velocity refers to the velocity of an object at one point or at as pecific point of time. *displacement is the difference between the initial position and the final position of an object. (distance 2 - distance 1)

What is the difference between instantaneous velocity and instantaneous speed?

Speed, instantaneous or not, is a term used for how fast an object travels. Velocity, instantaneous or not, is a term used for how fast an object travels in a particular direction.

What is instantaneus velocity?

Instantaneous velocity is the velocity of an object at a specific moment in time.

When is an object's average velocity equal to its instantaneous velocity?

If the velocity is constant (i.e., there is no acceleration). Terminal velocity is an example, although any constant velocity would fit this description.

Is the rate at which an object changes velocity?

No, velocity is the instantaneous speed of an object, the rate of change would be the acceleration of the object.

What is the instantaneous acceleration of an object at rest?

Zero, as is the velocity.

What is the correct definition of instantaneous velocity?

The velocity of an object at a particular instant or at a particular point of its path is called instantaneous velocity. In another word, the instantaneous velocity of an object is defined as the limiting value of the average velocity of the object in a small time interval around that instant , when the time interval approaches zero. v = dx/dt , where dx/dt is the differential coefficient of displacement "x" w.r.t. time "t"

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