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It is indirect measurement. A thermometer, for example, measures the expansion of an appropriate fluid - alcohol or Mercury. Some instruments (thermocouples) measure the differential expansions of metal strips

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Q: Is temperature a form of direct measurement or in direct measurement?
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How is the temperature drop through a direct expansion coil on an air conditioning system determined?

It is determined through measurement and temperature.

What is the temperature you use in Earth Science?

Since the metric system is the system of measurement used in all sciences, Celsius is usually the form of temperature measurement used.

What are different measurement topology for temperature measurement or measurement of resistance of thermistor?

different measurement of temperature

What is the definition of liquid filled glass thermometer?

a temperature-measurement device whose operation is based on the thermal expansion of a liquid. Liquid-filled thermometers provide a direct reading of the temperature.

Is temperature a form of energy?

Temperature is not a form of energy, but a measurement of energy (specifically, heat energy). You can't add temperature to a substance, because every substance already has a temperature, whether it be at -50o C or 900o C. However, you can add heat to change the temperature.

Are temperature and thermal heat the same thing?

No temperature is a specific measurement of heat. Thus at a temperature of absolute zero there is no heat but there is a temperature measurement.

Is temperature a noun?

Yes, the word 'temperatures' is a noun, the plural form of the singular noun 'temperature'; a word for measurement of how hot or how cold a place or object is; a word for a thing.

Water temperature of lake Las Vegas?

There's no automated direct measurement. However, water is pumped there from Lake Mead so you'll probably be within a few degrees of the Lake Mead temperature.

What temperature is Andes?

temperature is measurement of heat

Why is the Celsius temperature scale NOT a metric measurement?

The Celsius temperature scale is NOT a metric measurement, because degrees Celsius is parallel measurement of Kelvin, and Kelvin is not a metric measurement.

What is the form of measurement?

the smallest form of measurement is a nanometer

What is the metric system of measurement based on temperature and heat?

Temperature is measured in kelvin, although degrees Celsius are commonly used. Heat is a form of energy, and is measured in joules.