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They are equivalent.

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Q: Is ten fifteenths bigger than four sixths?
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Is four sixths bigger than two thirds?

I'm mostly sure that four sixths is bigger than two thirds.

Is five sixths bigger than four twelfths?

Yes, five sixths is bigger than four twelfths (simplified: one third).

Is four sixths bigger than five sixths?

It isn't bigger. It is smaller by one sixth.

Is four sevenths bigger than five sixths?


Is ten thithes bigger than four sixths?


Which is greater two fifths or four sixths?

Four sixths is bigger. Since if you simplify four sixths is equivalent to two thirds. So two thirds is bigger than two fifths, just like one half is bigger than two thirds.

What is larger four sixths or one half?

Four sixths is bigger than one half. Three sixths make one half.

Is five sevenths bigger than four sixths?

Yes. Six sevenths is 88%. Five sixths is 83.4%.

Is two fifteenths bigger than one eighth?

No. Fifteenths are actually smaller.

Is four sixths greater than three sixths?

yes. four sixths i2 greater than three sixths

Is two fives bigger than five sixths?

No, five sixths is bigger than two fifths.

Is one fourth bigger than one fifteenths?

Yes, way bigger!

Is 4 fifteenths bigger than 2 fifths?

2/5 as it is same as 6/15 multiply both parts by 3

Is four sixths greather than two sixths?


Is two fifths greater or less than four sixths?

two fifths is less than four sixths

Which is bigger two-eighths or three-sixths?

3/6 is bigger than 2/8 because 1/2 is bigger than 1/4

What is bigger seven eighths or fourteen fifteenths?

14/15 is bigger than 7/8

Is eight fifteenths greater than four fifths?


How is the fraction four sixths greater than five sixths?

It isn't.

Is four tenths bigger than one sixths?

4/10 = 12/30 and 1/6 = 5/30 12/30 is greater than 5/30, so four tenths is bigger than one sixth.

Is two sixths bigger than three fourths?


Is eight tenths bigger than five sixths?


Is three quarters bigger than four sixths?

Yes. 3/4 = 0.75 and 4/6 = 2/3 = 0.6666666..... so 3/4 is bigger.

Is two fifths greater than four fifteenths?


Is 4 and 5 fifteenths bigger than 3 and 4 sevenths?