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Although the ratios of the terms in the Fibonacci sequence do approach a constant, phi, in order for the Fibonacci sequence to be a geometric sequence the ratio of ALL of the terms has to be a constant, not just approaching one.

A simple counterexample to show that this is not true is to notice that 1/1 is not equal to 2/1, nor is 3/2, 5/3, 8/5...

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Q: Is the Fibonacci sequence a geometric sequence?
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What are mathamatical patterns?

Mathematical patterns are lists number that follows a certain rule and have different types. Some of these are: Arithmetic sequence, Fibonacci sequence and Geometric sequence.

Is Fibonacci arithmetic or geometric?


Why is the Fibonacci sequence named after Fibonacci?

Leonardo Fibonacci discovered the number sequence which is named after him.

Is the Fibonacci sequence geometric?

No, but it can be expressed as the sum of two geometric sequences. F_n = a^n + b^n a = (1+sqrt{5})/2 b = (1-sqrt{5})/2

Why is the fibbonacci sequence special?

There is no fibbonacci sequence. The Fibonacci sequence was devised as a relatively simple growth sequence. It has the property that the ratio of the numbers of the sequence divided by the preceding number in the sequence tends towards phi, the Golden Ratio = [1 + √5]/2 which has important geometric properties.Also, there are very many instances in nature where the Fibonacci sequence may be found.

What are the ninth and tenth numbers in the Fibonacci sequence?

The 9th number in the Fibonacci Sequence is 34, and the 10th number in the Fibonacci sequence is 89.

Why did Fibonacci think of the Fibonacci code?

There is the Fibonacci sequence but what is the Fibonacci code?

Who was Leonardo Fibonacci?

Leonardo Fibonacci was the father and creator of the fibonacci sequence a very famous mathematic sequence

What is the 16th number of the Fibonacci sequence?

The 16th number of the Fibonacci sequence is 987.

What is the 20th Fibonacci number in the sequence?

The 20th Fibonacci number in the sequence is 6,765.

What is a Fibonacci sequence using 84?

The Fibonacci sequence requires two numbers as "seeds".

How is sequences in maths related to other subjects?

A few examples: Counting numbers are an arithmetic sequence. Radioactive decay, (uncontrolled) bacterial growth follow geometric sequences. The Fibonacci sequence is widespread in nature.