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The 9th number in the Fibonacci Sequence is 34, and the 10th number in the Fibonacci sequence is 89.

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Q: What are the ninth and tenth numbers in the Fibonacci sequence?
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Nt - ninth, tenth

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One ninth is greater than one tenth.

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What are the first 15 Fibonacci's numbers?

The first is 0, second is 1, third is 1, fourth is 2, fifth is 3, sixth is 5, seventh is 8, eighth is 13, ninth is 21, tenth is 34,eleventh is 55, twelfth is 89, thirteenth is 144, fourteenth is 233, fifteenth is 377.

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Why does ten to the power of zero not equal zero?

Anything raised to the 0th power (except 0) is equal to 1. The reason: Consider the following sequence of numbers: 104, 103, 102, 101 Another way to write this sequence of numbers is 10000, 1000, 100, 10 Notice that each number is one-tenth of the preceding number. 1000 is one-tenth of 10000 100 is one-tenth of 1000 10 is one-tenth of 100. What should the next number in the sequence be? Looking at the first way of writing the numbers, it should be 100. Looking at the second way of writing it should be one-tenth of 10. One-tenth of 10 is 1. Similarly 10-1 would be the next number in the sequence and it would have to equal one-tenth of 1 or 0.1.

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