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y=kx is the formula for direct variation, and k represents constant of variation which can also be called slope.

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Q: Is the constant of variation the same as slope?
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How do you find the constant and slope for direct variation equations?

For a direct variation equation the constant MUST be 0. Then the ratio of a pair of values of the two variables is the slope.

Find the constant of variation and the slope of the given line from the graph of y equals 2.5x?

find the constant of variation and the slope of the given line from the graph of y=2.5x

What does k correspond to in a direct variation function?

k is the constant of variation and is the gradient (slope) of the relevant graph.

Can you have two direct variation equations with same slope?


What is the slope of a constant velocity?

constant slope. really anything will work as long as it stays the same. so if your line is straight then you have a constant velocity. :)

Can slope k of a direct variation be positive?

The slope of the graph of a direct variation is always positive.

Find the constant variation for -3x plus 2y equals 0?

2y - 3x = 0Put into Slope-Intercept form:2y = 3xDivide by 2:y = 3/2 * x = 1.5x3/2, or 1.5 is the constant of variation.

What is the definition of the constant of variation?

The definition 4 constant of variation is: the constant factor in the definition of the function.

When is a linear function considered to be a direct variation?

Direct variation means that a linear function can be written as y = kx. The y-intercept must be (0, 0). The constant, k, is the slope.

The slope of a curve is not constant?

if the slope of offer curves is constant, the terms of trad will

What is constant of variation in math?

an equation of the form y = kx k is the constant of variation

Does inverse and indirect variation mean the same thing?

Y=k/x where k is the constant of proportionality is an example of indirect or inverse variation. They are the same thing.

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