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It can't be either, because the rationals aren't order isomorphic to the integers.

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Q: Is the decimal number 2.5 odd or even?
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Is 25 an odd number or an even number?

25 is an odd number

Is 25 an even or a odd number?


Is 25 even or odd?

The number 25 is odd because 25 will not be divisible by 2.

Is the number 25 odd or even?

25 is an odd number because it is not divisible by 2.

Is 25 even?

No, 25 is an odd number.

Is 25 even or odd number?

25 is an odd number because it is not evenly divisible by 2

Is the sum of 16 and 25 odd or even?

16+25 = 41 which is an odd number and also a prime number

Is 25 plus 56 even or odd?

25 + 56 = 81 81 = odd number

Is twenty-five a even or odd number?

An even number can be divided by 2 evenly. An odd number will have a remainder of 1 when divided by 2. 25 is an odd number.

Does composite numbers have an odd number of factors?

Composite numbers can have either an odd number or an even number of fractions. Factors of 25 are 1, 5, 25 . (odd number of them) Factors of 26 are 1, 2, 13, and 26 . (even number of them)

The sum of an even and odd number?

Lets find out.2 + 3 = 5 (Odd)4 + 7 = 11 (Odd)12 + 13 = 25 (Odd)So it appears that the sum of an even and odd number is an odd number.

Is a decimal ending in the number 5 with 2 in the ones digit considered an even or odd number?

All numbers that are divided evenly by 2 are even numbers, otherwise they are odd. So that ... 2.5 tells us that its product with 2 is an odd number (2 in the ones place doesn't mean anything). Since ... 2.5 is a rational number it can be written as a fraction (integer/integer). It can be ...25/2, ...25/10, ...250/4, ... So we cannot determine ...2.5 as even or odd.