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Yes, I can't think of any way that a real number minus another real number would be complex or purely imaginary.

My answer is yes.

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Q: Is the difference between two real numbers a real number?
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What is the Difference between an integer and a real number?

Integer numbers are a subset of real numbers. Real numbers may contain fractions.

Difference between real and rational number?

Rational numbers are numbers that can be written as a fraction. Real numbers are any number, including irrationals.

What is the difference between a set of real numbers and a set of complex numbers?

The set of real numbers is a subset of the set of complex numbers. For the set of complex numbers, given in the form (a + bi), where a and b can be any real number, the number is only a real number, if b = 0.

Is The difference of two real numbers always an irrational number?

No. 5 and 2 are real numbers. Their difference, 3, is a rational number.

What is the difference between one number and the next on a number line?

If you are talking about integers on the number line, the answer is 1. If you are talking about real numbers, then there is always a real number between every other two, so you can't really talk about the difference.

What is the difference between an irrational number and integers?

Irational numbers are not real numners. Integers are any real number. the difference is that well ones real and one was created to make math seem harder.

What is the difference between imaginary numbers and complex numbers?

No difference. The set of complex numbers includes the set of imaginary numbers.

What is the difference between a real number line and a fake number line?

The graph of imaginary numbers takes two axes. A part for the real part and the i part.

What is the sum or difference of the any two irrational numbers?

The sum or the difference between two irrational numbers could either be rational or irrational, however, it should be a real number.

What is the difference between natural infinite numbers and real infinite numbers?

A natural number is a counting number, such as 1, 2, 3. There are also known as whole numbers and integers. They can be infinitely large. A real number is a number, possibly a natural number, but more possibly not, because there are an infinite number of real numbers that lie between any two natural numbers, such as 1, 1.1, 1.11, 1.111, 111112, etc, ad infinitum. Real numbers can also be infinitely large.

What is the relationship between real number and rational number?

Rational numbers form a proper subset of real numbers. So all rational numbers are real numbers but all real numbers are not rational.

What is the real number interval?

It is the space between two real numbers.

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