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Q: Is the feet part of awrah that has to be covered?
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What is an awrah?

An awrah is an Islamic term for an intimate body part, or a collective term for all the intimate body parts.

What does aw-rah in Islam mean?

It means what you have but is not allowed for the public to see. From example,for men their body part from naval to knees is 'awrah' and should be covered bu clothing in order not to be seen or observed by public.for women, all her body is awrah except face and hands. Accordingly, her clothing should cover her whole body except face and handsprivate homes are awrah. Accordingly, foreign visitors should seek permission before entering.

Which part of a bird's body is covered with scales?

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What does awra mean?

''Awrah'' is a Punjabi or urdu word basically during a conversation well anywhere really like in your house,on msn,on the phone people say ''awrah'' it means what else or whats new!

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