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Q: Is the fraction two over 8 greater then one over six?
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What fraction is greater than six and one third?

Twenty six and one third is greater.

What fraction is greater than six an one third?

The fraction seven and one third is one such fraction.

What is 1and 6 7ths as a fraction?

One and six over seven is already a fraction.

What is the answer to five over twelve plus one over six?

seven over twelve. fraction form

What is 6 written as a percent and fraction in simplest form?

Six can be written as six hundred percent or six over one.

What is the reduced fraction of twenty-one over thirty-six?


Is the sum of nine over twelve and one over six greater or less than one?

The sum of nine or twelve and one over six is 11 over twelve, which is LESS THAN one.

What is higher six ones or one sixth?

The fraction 6/1 is of course greater than 1/6.

Which fraction is greater six sixteenths or nine sixteenths?


Is six over nine greater than four over six?

They are equal

What is the Probability in a fraction of rolling 2 dice and getting doubles?

one over six.

What is 30 out of 180?

It is a fraction first of all. If you want it reduced it is one over six.

What fraction is 6percent?

six over ten

What is the reciprocal of one sixths?

The reciprocal of a fraction A/B is the fraction B/A. So the reciprocal of the fraction 1/6 is 6/1, which is just the number 6. six over one, or just six. (six). In a reciprocal, the numerator becomes the denominator and vice versa.

Is 1 over 3 greater than 3 over 6?

Previous answer:"one over three is greater than three over six"This is absolutely wrong. 3/6 is equal to 1/2. One half is greater than one third.

Two over three plus one over six plus one over six equals?

One over six plus one over six is 2/6. That fraction can be reduced to 1/3. Two over three is written as 2/3. 2/3 plus 1/3 is equal to 1, or a whole.

What fraction is greater three over four or seven over eight?

Convert them to the same denominator and the answer to your question will be immediately apparent (assuming you know that six is less than seven).

What is 1 sixths times 2?

Two would do one over six then multiply it by two over one,which is a whole fraction, to get your answer

What is the reciprocal of 7 over six?

the reciprocal of seven over six is six over seven because a reciprocal is a normal fraction flipped.

Is five over eight greater than four over six?


What is the simplest form for the fraction 10 over 12?

Five over six.

What is the equivalent fraction for 3 over 8?

Six over sixteen6/16

What fraction is equivalent to one six?

one third

Is one six a fraction?

One sixth as a numerical fraction is written 1/6

What number is the denominator of the fraction 7 over 6?