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Q: Is the fraction two over twenty-five greater than or less than zero point zero three four?
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What is five divided by three hundred twentyfive?


Is the fraction two halves greater than the fraction two and three fourths?


Which fraction is greater two-fourths or three-fourths?

3/4 is greater.

Which fraction is greater three fourths or five sixth?

5/6 is greater.

What fraction is greater three fourths or seven eights?

seven eights is greater

Which fraction is greater three fifhs or three tenths?

three fifths is greater. if the number on top is the same, then the one with the least on bottom is the greatest.

How many times can eleven go into twentyfive?

Twice, with three left over.

How do you say 0.00325?

cero punto cero cero *trescientos veinticuatro (zero point zero zero *three hundred and twentyfive) *alternative: tres dos cinco (three two five)

0.656 as a fraction?

That is 656 / 1000. Since there are three digits after the decimal point, you need three zeroes in the fraction's denominator.

Which is the bigger fraction two-fifths three tenths?

2/5 is greater.

Which fraction is bigger three fourths or eight ninthe?

8/9 is greater.

As a fraction which is larger one out of five or three out of ten?

3/10 is greater.

What is nought point three as a fraction?

0.3 = 3/10

Which is bigger the fraction two thirds or three fifths?

Two thirds is greater than three fifths.

How do you write a fraction greater than 1?

I would write it as decimal fraction or an improper fraction. For example, three and a quarter = 3.25 or 31/4.

Is the fraction five over seven greater then three over four?

3/5 is greater than 5/7

Which fraction is greater five over seven or three over four?

It is: 3/4

What fraction is greater than a half but less than three quarters?


Is three fifths greater than three sixths?

Yes. If the numerators are the same, the larger the denominator the smaller the fraction is.

Is the fraction three sevenths greater than or less than seven tenths?

Less than.

What is the greater fraction 1 halves or three eights?

1 half is greater. This is because if you convert one half into eighths it = 4 eighths.

What fraction is greater three fifths or five eights?

LCD(5, 8) = 40.So 3/5 = 24/40 and 5/8 = 25/40. The second fraction, that is 5/8, is greater.

Was which fraction greater than two fifths three tenths seven tenths two fourths or three sixths?


Which is bigger the fraction four sevenths or three fifths?

3/5 is greater.

What fraction is for 93.75?

the fraction is a fraction of one, thats what is to the right of the decimal point, in this case its 0.75 or 75 / 100 (same thing) which simplifies to 3 / 4 so your number is ninety three and three quarters