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Q: Is the function value of an angle always equal to the function value of its reference angle?
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Is angle of friction always equal to angle of repose?


Does the angle of incidence always equal the angle of refraction?

Usually not.

Does a parallelogram have all right angle?

No, it does not. But an angle and the angle opposite it are always equal.

When is angle of incidence equal to angle of reflection?

The angle of incidence is ALWAYS equal to the angle of reflection! This is one of the laws of reflection.

What is the property of a vertical angle?

They are always equal.

What does the angle of incidence always equal?

What happens when light rays travel from water into the air

When light is reflected how are the angle of the incidence and the angle of reflection related?

The angle of incidence and the angle of reflection are related in the sense that the two angles are always the same. They are always equal.

True or false- the angle of incidence is always greater than the reflection angle?

False .According to laws of reflection, the angle of incidence is always equal to the angle of reflection.

An interior angle of any polygon and its adjacent exterior angle are always?

equal to 180°

What angles are always equal to each other?

right angle

Which figure always has equal angles and equal sides?

an equilateral triangle has all its angle and sides equal

In a 2 - dimensional cartesian coordinate system the y-component of a given vector is equal to the vector magnitude multiplied by which trigonometric function with respect to the angle between vector?

I disagree with the last response. It is implied that the angle you are speaking of is the angle between the x-axis and the vector (this conventionally where the angle of a vector is always measured from). The function you are asking about is the sine function. previous answer: This question is incorrect, first of all you have to tell the angle between vector and what other thing is formed?