Is the grudges curse in real life?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: Is the grudges curse in real life?
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How do you get the grudges curse?

The curse fall upon you when you enter the place where it is or if any of your loved ones have the curse on them.

Does Jaden Smith curse in real life?


Are grudges real?

Of course grudges are real. People hold grudges against each other all the time. There are probably at least a few people whom you hold a grudge against: people who bullied you in school, or a co-worker who made up lies about you, or a friend who betrayed you.It's normal to hold a grudge against people who have hurt you. Everyone has held a grudge at one time or another.If you're asking whether the curse shown in The Grudgemovies is real, then, a curse and a grudge are not the same thing. In The Grudge movies, it was the woman's grudge against her husband that caused the curse.I suggest you look up the word, "grudge" in the dictionary. It is an extremely common word and there is no excuse for not knowing what it means.

Do you keep grudges?

No, because life's too short to keep grudges. But it depends on you really, depends what that person has done to you, or your situation.

Does Soulja Boy curse?

No one knows if he curses in real life. But he does in his songs.

Is the bloodymeary curse real?

"Bloody Mary" is not a real curse, but folklore.

Why did the 20 year curse start?

the grudges mom fed the grudge evil spirits and then the grudges dad snaped her neck and put her in the loft and she started to crackle her neck and bleed from her eyes and got angry and then she wanted everyone to suffer the way she did

How does harry survive the killing curse in deadly hallows?

When harry dies he comes back to life after talking to Dumbledore. Dumbledore told him to get on the train or go back to real life. Harry returns to the real world The curse killed the horcrux in Harry, not him.

How do you spell grudges?

Grudges is correct.

Did all the mummy's have the mummy's curse?

No. The mummy's curse is not real. None of the mummies had the mummy curse.

Is Carmen's curse real?


Is the Curse of Thorn real?