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Q: Is the higher the millisecond faster than a lower millisecond?
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Which is faster millisecond or nano second?

A nanosecond is shorter than a millisecond

Is a millisecond faster than a microsecond?

1 microsecond equals 0.001 milliseconds

How do particles move at higher temperatures when compared to particles at lower temperatures?

Particles move at a faster rate at higher temperatures, than they do at lower temperatures. This is do to the fact that heat is a form of energy. When a particle has more energy is moves faster.

What is faster 1 milliseconds or 100 milliseconds?

The millisecond is a unit of time, not a unit of speed.100 milliseconds is 100 times longer than one millisecond.

Why water boil faster at higher pressure than the lower pressure from the aspect of the water molecule?

water boil`s faster at lower pressure at higher pressure the temperature needs to be higher for instance at 16 bar [don`t know the psi for that ]the temp is about 220 degrees Celsius

Why does antifreeze boil faster than water?

It does NOT boil faster than water. It has higher boiling point AND lower freezing point. - Antifreeze boils at about 197 c.

Does green have a higher or lower freqenuency?

higher or lower than what?

Atoms move faster in what?

Atoms move fastest in gases, then liquids, then solids. Also, atoms move faster in higher temperatures than in lower temperatures.

Why do higher mass stars live shorter lives on the main sequence than lower mas stars?

Because they burn out faster. Although they have higher mass.

Can you sun burn faster in the mountains in the summer than lower altitudes?

Yes the sun is more direct at higher altitudes.

When you are 8 years old does your heart beat faster then a baby or adult and which one is higher or lower?

A baby's heart beats faster than a child's or an adult's heart.

A Violin has 4 stings all the same length but of different pitch What must be true of the velocity of the waves on each string as the pitch goes up?

The velocity for higher sounding strings must be faster than the lower sounding strings. The velocity for higher sounding strings must be faster than the lower sounding strings.

How much smaller is a microsecond than a millisecond?

1000 microseconds = 1 millisecond

What is shorter a nanosecond or millisecond?

A nanosecond is shorter than a millisecond. There are one million nanoseconds in a millisecond.

Do higher energy levels have higher orbitals than lower energy levels?

do higher energy levels have higher orbitals than lower energy levels?

Is a microsecond longer than a millisecond?

No. A microsecond is 1/1000 of a millisecond.

What is a sub millisecond?

All and any moment of time that's shorter than a millisecond.

Is a desimeter higher or lower than a meter?


Is 8.45kg higher or lower than 8631g?


Is a child lower or higher than an adults?


Why the higher resolution always better than lower resolution?

Is higher resolution always better than lower resolution and why

Is the sea level higher or lower than it was in the geologic past?

Sea level has been higher and lower than it is currently.

Can dogs detect higher and lower sounds than humans?

yes dogs can detect lower or higher sounds than humans

Is it better to have a higher IQ or a lower IQ?

A higher IQ reflects a higher intelligence than a lower IQ. So higher is better.

Are multiples higher or lower than the number?

Equal to and higher.