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The mass of feathers is far greater than the lead.

amount = mass

So you will have a huge pile of feathers compared to a small chunk of lead to equal a pound

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Q: Is the mass of one pound of lead greater than less than or equal to the mass of one pound of feathers?
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Does sixteen oz of cream cheese equal 1 pound?

16 ounces of anything (lead... Feathers...) equals a pound

Why the air resistance decrease the acceleration on falling object?

Drop a pound of feathers (in a bag) and a pound of lead from a height. The smaller mass of the lead will let it fall faster due to less air resistance, than the greater mass and much greater air resistance of the feathers.

Which one has more volume a pound of feathers or lead?

The feathers "take up more room" than the lead. It would be hard to compress the feathers to make them as dense as lead. The feathers have more volume.

Why does a pound of feathers and a pound of lead weigh the same?

Because pounds measure weight. A pound of feathers would be a whole lot bigger than a pound of lead.

Which takes up more room a pound of lead or a pound of feathers?

A pound of feathers because feathers are less dense than lead and therefore take up more volume for the same mass.

Which material has greater density lead or feathers?


Which has the most mass volume a pound of feathers or a pound of lead?

A pound of feathers has more mass. The are lighter so they would take up more space to make a pound.

Which has greater volume lead or feathers?

the same

Which weighs more 1 pound of feathers or 1 pound of lead?

1 pound = 1 pound

Which ways more a pound of feathers or a pound of lead?

Since each substance weighs a pound, they weigh the same amount.

What weight more a pound of lead or a pound of feather?

One, the correct term is "Which weighs more: a pound of lead or a pound of feathers?" Two, the answer is that they weigh exactly the same, because they both weigh a pound.

Does a pound of lead weigh more than a pound of feathers?

They both weigh one pound and are therefore the same weight. The answer to the questions is no.